On the Lookout for Something Special

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Today is time for architecture acknowledgment. I remembered my week in Liverpool, UK.

I visited the Museum of Liverpool with my sister. We had a lovely time.

I think I was amazed more by the architecture of the building than the exhibits.


This is my entry for @juliank's #architecturalphotography contest.

Have a fabulous day and remember:

Whether you're going to a museum or a flea market or flipping through a book, always be on the lookout for something special.
~ Kelly Wearstler


Excellent your architecture photograph ..I impress see this photograph ..

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Such a creative architect, and a great photographer ofcourse :)

See all your stories posted very beautiful
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actually very nice design..

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thats is pretty beautiful, you most always look everything from a diferent angle in order to find beauty, you have a good eye.

in addition to the beauty of the building, there is another side that makes people interested in English in addition to football

Simply amazing and incredible!

fabulous one.....

this museum is very nice, and very beautiful.

Very cool!


un ambiente aristocratico tiico de la realeza

Which is the camera you use?

Excellent picture you have published on your post. I think the architecture is what gives live sense to a building, if you want to see a city growth, so you should invest on architecture. I like so much your phrase: to be on the lookout of something special, this thought is what makes you enjoy every experience in life. Best regards from @presentnworldsc

lovely. The finishes are inhuman. smooth and even. almost like an architecture rendering

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very beautiful museum, I want to see the museum, thank you for sharing it

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Great shot... I love the spiral. Looks a little bit like the Guggenheim museum in NYC.

Your shipment is great it makes me like

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Great shot for Architecturalphotography! So glad to see you visited another really interesting part of the UK (OUTSIDE OF LONDON!) really impressed with your itinerary!

Good picture @k4r1nn nice

Interesting view, seems like a slide from this perspective :)

Architecture is the alphabet of giants, the greatest system of visible symbols ever created. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you to break a big jackpot.

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