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I was excited to be on the talk show held by @zord189 named Teh Tarik Sunday. It is an idea started by @zord189 and @branlee87 together with the support from #teammalaysia, especially our big brother, @bitrocker2020. The first time I joined on the session as one of the speakers is when I first launched @archisteem, which is like 8 months ago (whoa, quite a long time ago!). The experience of being on air and have to be impromptu on what I going to talk about is something else. I would like to applaud to the DJs like @zord189, @branlee87, @khimgoh and also @kchitrah for being such friendly and interactive hosts. I remembered that at some points, I have no idea what to say which you all quickly get onto it and prevented the whole atmosphere to become awkward. I have my thanks to you all :)

During the recent session which is last Sunday, I had talked about how I started @archisteem, with @cklai and @funtraveller. Then, how it grows and becomes what it is today. To be honest, I have no idea on how it will turn out and I did not even have the slightest idea that I will be doing this 1001 Places to Remember project. At that time, we were desperate for the community engagement as we had nothing to offer to others. From that point on, we taught some ideas like photo contests and design contests. However, contests for us are not impactful enough plus we have limited funding to sustain such a consistent contest module. After some discussion, we finally decided to do something a bit different. Rather than just a contest, we make it into a project with a feasible goal, which is to produce a publication based on the content contributed by the Steemit community. Not only we can empower the contents created by the community, the work can also become one promotional item for Steemit. In addition to that, we also envision this publication to be produced in a printed form and to be sold worldwide. With that, we can even create a royalty system based on the contribution by each authors based on Steem blockchain. That may be something very unique and could be done with this simple project. Well, we are very excited to see how it will evolve and hopefully we can reach our target by end of this year.

So back to what I was sharing to the audiences of Teh Tarik Sunday, there were also two questions thrown to me by @superoo7 and @bitrocker2020. @superoo7 asked me whether @archisteem will be going to start our own token. That is definitely a YES. That will take @archisteem to another level. Yet, the team still need to go through this first project before moving forward as we are fully focused on this single project. Whereas for the question by @bitrocker2020 who asked about whether we want to organize some outings with some agenda like architectural appreciation around the city or town and also some ‘makan’ eating session together. That was just super cool as this is what @archisteem wanted to do all along. That is to promote a better future for our built environment. That suddenly reminded me about @sndbox most recent assignment too :P so stay tuned guys and calling for @kymio!

Image credit to @zord189 :P

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You have so many good ideas
Wishing you all the best to hit your 1001 places 😊


Thanks @kaerpediem, hope to have you participating in the projects too :)

Well done, keep on trucking...


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It was good to have you come on once again bro! Always exciting to see the progress and all your achievements! Must celebrate :)


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