Heavy Rain Flooded Rohingya Camps at Zero-point & BaluKhali

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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 4th July 2018

Zero-point: Rohingya shelters at Zero-point and Cox’s Bazaar area have been flooded with rain water since yesterday (3rd July 2018), where wet floors of camps made Rohingya’s night sleepless, report locals from the area.

At about 8:20 pm a sudden heavy shower of rain have flooded the whole area at zero-point and water entered almost every shelters there.



Rain water flooded Rohingya shelters at zero-point on 3rd July 2018. Image: RVISION TV



Due to sudden increment of water level in the area since late night, no Rohingya could sleep there.

“Since night not a single children could sleep here, and we fear more sleepless nights are coming for us here”, explain a Rohingya from the area.



Rain water entered Rohingya shelters at zero-point on 3rd July 2018. Image: RVISION TV



Similar water level increased in makeshift camps of Balukhali two area today (4th July 2018) since 9:00 am.

There, rain water have flooded the whole area and entered the shelters. Water flowing in the area are even taking away household belongings.



Rain water flooded Balukhali 2 area of Cox's Bazaar, Bnagladesh on 4th July 2018. Image: Social media


Similar threats are also faced by other camps in Cox’s Bazaar area, where landslides killed and forced Rohingya to relocate earlier.


Read more on landslides:



This rainy season became a curse for the Rohingya in the Refugee camps of Bangladesh. Earlier this season was a blessing for the Rohingya in their ancestral land Arakan (Rakhine), where they used to grow and cultivate different crops. Their season of hope and dream have turned into tragedy in the sheltering areas of Rohingya.


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