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Painting of a mysterious forest

By: @pipoune


I'm glad to show you this painting that i made. It's a painting of a forest. By searching for a beautiful picture to paint, i came across this forest, and i thought it was very beautiful, mysterious, calm,...


Trazos Nocturnos con Dalí

By: @aguantalaopinion


Hola nuevamente me encuentro acá conversando un poco sobre cualquier cosa. Como ya les había comentado estoy retomando el hábito de mantener mi blog bastante fresco con las ideas que constantemente se me ocurren o pasen por mi.
Hello again I'm here talking a little about anything. As I had already mentioned, I am returning to the habit of keeping my blog quite fresh with the ideas that constantly occur to me or happen to me.




The 30 Things I am grateful for... #gratitudetrain

By: @asianetwork

image (1).png

So here are 30 Things that I am grateful for, they are not in particular order after number 10, yet they all play an important part in my life.


Steemit M. A. C. - Aug. #27- 📸 ( Some more Photos from the sauerland trip / Noch ein paar Fotos aus der Sauerland Tour)

By: @avizor


Hello my dear Steemians! Today I have a few more impressions from the wonderful Sauerland for you. :-)
So follow me to a small sweet village, a beautiful lake and at the end there is local food :-)


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I love these Photos : )

@appreciator you are doing excellent job as as always..

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