The Potency Of Sincere Appreciation.. [S.I.N2 Donation post]

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14sbd from this post will be donated for the course of Steemit in Nigeria2 (S.I.N2), coming up later in the year. Also, donations are welcomed to @leadent360 (official S.I.N2 account). You can contact @ehiboss for more information. The countdown has already started .

I have to tilt a little from Science and Tech to bring us a very vital life's issue that has been; by reason of negligence; laid less emphasis on. I'm talking about the potency embedded in an attitude of sincere appreciation.

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Like I have said it, and reiterate it countless times, the power of sincere appreciation can never be overemphasized. We, most times, look at ourselves as "achievers" and this has beclouded the minds of many from the need to show gratitude.

One of my most respected mentors made a statement, and I would like to reiterate it here:

We are not "achievers", we are "receivers". - Dr David Oyedepo [emphasis mine]

Having this mindset will enhance your gratitude level, even in seemingly "little" things. Someone could ask; "what should we be appreciative of?" Well, in my opinion, you should be appreciative of all things and in all things.

Remember this phrased:

Even if you have lost anything, you should be grateful that you have not lost all.

Sometimes, because of sentimental factors, we always remind ourselves of what we want to be/do, but we often forget what we need to do. And one of the things we need to do and get handy with is "appreciation".

I once told a friend something during the course of our discourse, but I would love to reiterate it here:

Your current "position" is a sincere "wish" for someone else, and that is the reason you should be thankful. - @samminator

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Workouts on appreciation

There are some tips and hacks you should get handy with to increase your level of appreciation. Here are some of them:

  • Try to see the brighter side of every situation. No situation is completely bad; as long as you can learn something from it

  • Say "thank you" often and mean it. Also do not forget to compliment it with a heart-emanated smile.

  • Think positively. Positive thoughts have the power to boost your level of appreciation

    Are there benefits in showing appreciation?

Of course, there are. Apart from the fact that it increases your inter-personal relationship with people, it also brings good things from people delivered to you.

 Appreciation = Application for more

In view of this, I would want to deeply appreciate everyone who has directly or indirectly provided help to me, and those that are currently helping me in my steemit journey (their names are too numerous to be mentioned here).

All of you have been the "spine" upon which my blogging "cranium" has rested on. Posterity would remember these acts of awesomeness you have shown me. Also not forgetting the entire members of @steemstem science community, @genesis-project Nigerian community, and the entire steemit community. Thanks to you all.

Much love from @samminator

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Wowww, I love this post. Good job. Indeed appreciation is application for more. I also appreciate you sammy for being among the spine upon which my blogging cranium has rested on. Dalu rienne nwannem. Keep it up jare!!


Lol. Nwannem daalu rienne.
Udo diri gi

we the helpers are happy for your gratitude..hahaha


Hahahaha. Issorite.. I dey feel u jare


Thanks man

Wow.. This is awesome Boss