Laws Of A Relationship IX

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When you are in a relationship with someone, you need to clearly define the essence of that relationship. When the purpose of a thing is not known, then abuse is inevitable. Being in a relationship is not to boost your ego or to claim bragging rights in town, and neither is it for a show where you don’t feel left out. There should be a purpose for being in a relationship. Whoever you are involved with, try to define why you are with that person.

12 Law of Appreciation:


We all want to go to where we are appreciated and not where we are tolerated. When you fail to appreciate your partner, then that relationship is on shaky ground. When your partner dresses so well, make sure you appreciate him or her. Never fail to appreciate your partner. We are all emotional beings and we thrive on hearing those words that massage our ego or make us feel good from the inside. When we fail to hear it from our partner and we hear it from others, it is natural for our hearts to gravitate towards people who make us feel so good.

Never fail to appreciate your partner; in words or deeds. Get that flower for her; appreciate her with a gift, even when it is not her birthday. Take her on a boat cruise, take a walk with her on a cool evening just to show her off, tell her how he or she makes you feel, and never fail to remind him or her what he or she means to you.


13 Law of Prayer:

If you can’t pray, it is easy to fall prey. Prayer is important in keeping your home or family together. You use prayer to organize your life and that of your partner. There is nothing prayer can’t solve. Challenges would come, circumstances would try to raise its ugly head, but with a prayer of intent, you can put every situation under control and then give your family a sense of direction. You need to learn how to pray even before you marry. Why? Because you don’t prepare for war in a time of war; you prepare for war in a time of peace. Marriage doesn’t succeed in marriage, marriage succeeds before marriage.


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