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Well, I’m supposed to be starting on this appreciation post, except I’m not in a very appreciate mood just right now. See, there is someone outside who’s making noise. Like a lot of noise. I think they’re cutting tree branches or something and the only thing keeping me from going outside and in turn cutting their respective heads is this post. Oh right, and jail time. I do not want to do jail time, basically because there are a lot of cool concerts in the near future. And that would be a loss.
So, I shall crank up any music I can find and get on with it.

Right, now that’s done with, let me explain. Yesterday, @galenkp came up with this wonderful initiative called appreciation. Funny little concept and I’m not sure how much it will catch on in today’s self-obsessed world, but still, I figured we could give it a try.

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The idea is this, you take a person you appreciate and you’re happy they exist and all that and you write a post about it. Ideally, a Steemian and you tag them, so they see it and they know you appreciate them and then maybe, they do it too and so on. I mean, sure you could just go appreciate a friend or family or whatever but seriously, there isn’t one Steemian you appreciate on the whole platform? What kinda dick are you?

Okay no, still not very appreciative. Moving on.

So, @galenkp mentioned my name and now, I kinda have to do the same. Nah, just kidding, he’d be on here even if he hadn’t said good things about me. Now, that’s one of the things I appreciate about you, Galen, you say nice things about me. That and you’re a smart dude who thinks for himself and seems to understand what’s important in life. Which doesn’t really happen much in today’s world.
Ever since I read your motto thing (remember, you used to sign your posts with that?) about designing your ideal life and most importantly, not living by default, I knew you’d be someone I’d get along with.
But you know that already, you know we think the same in many respects, otherwise we wouldn’t be friends. I appreciate the fun conversations we have and the fact you like stranger-gazing as much as I do. Well, by this I mean I like that you also are a keen observed of people which prompts some truly interesting posts and conversations.
You’re one of the (very) few people I actually like. And that should tell you something.

Right, who else do I like around here?

@celestal – there’s a fun guy, another Steemian I appreciate. Mainly because you seem to be thinking outside the box, like myself. You’re honest and I like that you’re not following any sort of traditional path and sort of doing your own thing. That’s rare in today’s beige, boring society, also.
You’re one of the few Steemians I read constantly. I mean actually read, not just vote by default or whatever.

@teodora whom I am so glad I met at SF last year, even though we didn’t get to spend that much time together. Interestingly, SF was this gateway for many Steemians to meet ‘cause like you got introduced at SF and even though there wasn’t some instant connection or whatever, you got talking later and found you had so much in common and they were really wonderful people. Well, that’s what it was like with @teodora. I see in you a kindred spirit and I love that, like @celestal, you’re doing your own thing. I like that you travel a lot and you seem to be a person with a great love for the world around. You’re funny and smart and I love reading your posts/watching your videos. You’re often this quiet person, in the sense that you don’t much like to stand out. That’s the feeling I get, anyways. And you give and support this community, even though the community isn’t always as supportive as it should be. And that shows a lot of generosity. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re an awesome Steemian and I’m glad to know you.

@tarazkp definitely up there because when I was really very small on this platform (as opposed to now, when I am practically a whale), he did this wonderful thing and delegated me 100SP, so I could break the 500SP mark and get a slider of my own, so I wouldn’t wear all my VP out. And he does that for a lot of people, not saying anything about it, you know, quietly supporting the community. And I just love that. It’s something I’ll be eternally grateful for. And besides, you’re a really awesome human being who works (too) hard. I’ve always loved your photography and your thought pieces and I’m really glad you’re around here.

@ericvancewalton You are by far my favorite writer on this platform, but I’ve told you that already time and again. Beside the fact that you seem like a truly awesome person in real life, you’re also a kind encourager of the community. I’m always happy to see one of your posts in my feed, because I know it’s going to be interesting and probably very well written. You have interesting ideas in your head, which isn’t something I say very often and I’m truly happy to have met you.

Right, obviously, I appreciate my mom @ladyrebecca for many different reasons, but I’m not going to write them all here because she would probably kill me.

Anyway, last person I want to give a shoutout to in this appreciation post is @richq11, who was one of the first people I encountered on Steem and I liked him immediately. He is kind and clever and creative and a true gentleman. You are a very dedicated man, which is clear through your writing. From the posts about family, to the ones about abuse and politics, to the fiction, I always love reading you and I am really happy to see you’re writing so much. You so kindly traded me a copy of The Night Gods (which I loved, by the way) in return for a copy of Grimmest Things and that was such a sweet gesture. I’m really enjoying reading this new story as well. [Seriously, people, go check it out!]. And I’m really happy you’re on here and that I know you.

You were right, @galenkp, this was a good idea. It’s a great feeling telling people how much their existence means to you and how happy you are they’re around. Sometimes, knowing there is a person who appreciates what you’re doing can change the way you view things completely.

Everyone, feel free to do this challenge yourselves. It’s a really great feeling, beside giving you a good thing to write about. And remember, the more people tagged (and the more resteems @galenkp’s post gets) the more people are going to share in this wonderful feeling.

P.S.: Notice how much difference in attitude a set of headphones does for a girl.

Thanks for reading,


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Hey HD, thanks for making up those lies about me...Much appreciated and very handy for my street-cred! 😂

Seriously though, thanks for being the cool chick you are.

What a great post! I mean, you appreciated the fuck out of a few people right there and I hope they also do the same to others in turn. You know I'm not a very peopley person but I like to show appreciation to those I...Well...Appreciate I guess. 😋 As you say, it's not done something much these days and that's a shame.

Oh, by the way, a big thanks to @ladyrebecca for her input on how you turned out HD. We kinda like you. 🤔 You're a keeper.

I'm gonna resteem this for ya.

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appreciated the fuck out of a few people

Don't know if I'd say that...sounds tiring af. I just followed in a very neat initiative ;)

We kinda like you.




Ok, not kinda...We do like you. ✅

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Much better :P Thank you for the resteem, by the way!

Mainly because you seem to be thinking outside the box, like myself.


Well, sometimes I'm inside a box, too, lol.

This was a really sweet post, Honey. You're very much alright, too :)

A bit off topic, but you mentioning SF here, I remembered that you had this one post about hanging near the bathrooms. And that reminded me of one of my own bathroom convos with @exyle on the last day where he said to me that I had changed his perception about Finns – in a good way :D


Oh my God, I read this on Partiko first and it didn't show the picture :))))) Why are you inside a box? :)))) Get out before you get trapped in there :P

Yes, bathrooms seemed to be an unofficial theme for SF :D I remember you telling me that, presumably when you gout out of the bathroom. What did he think of Finns before, I wonder?


Why are you inside a box? :)))) Get out before you get trapped in there :P

No worries, that was during my civil service :)

I remember you telling me that, presumably when you gout out of the bathroom.

Wait... I told you that? What? :D I must've been influenced by some ehem... substance, because I have no recollection of that.

What did he think of Finns before, I wonder?

I think his perception was slightly influenced by – not to tag anyone – one Finnish Steemian who had enjoyed big whale support and had been cashing out a lot. And when he lost his whale support he, well... started to think that Steemit sucks. No surprise, but unfortunate, since he was a good writer.


during my civil service :)

Now that is an excellent metaphor right there :))

And yes, you did tell me that, I believe it was on the last evening of SF :)) Maybe you were just distracted by all the love for all those wonderful Steemians and all the exciting blockchain information. Surely, you're not suggesting there were...substances at SF? 😯😯😯

Hmm I have no idea of this Finn you are talking of. Either I don't know him or I didn't know he was a Finn 🤷

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Surely, you're not suggesting there were...substances at SF? 😯😯😯

Well, like you said, maybe it was just all the love in the air :D

Wow thanks i am not used to receive so many kind words and I need to hide a bit to recover 😍 Is important to appreciate life and people around you. I have seen someone's post on Facebook this morning about a tree that is living since before we start counting the years. It does put things in perspective, compared to him our life span seams like a mousquito

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Very true, it does put things into perspective to view it like that. It's a pity we're cutting them down and slowly destroying everything that is beautiful and alive around us in order to build our screen-filled "paradise".
And the kind words are well deserved <3

Thank you for the kind words @honeydue! Despite all of the ups and downs of this platform connecting with people like you make me glad that I've stayed through it all. How did I not know @ladyrebbeca was your Mom?


Owww thank you, Eric. Same here <3

How did I not know @ladyrebbeca was your Mom?

I have no idea :)) Maybe you knew and just forgot?

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