Only four syllables, but a brobdingnagian meaning...If used.

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This ten letter word seems banal enough I suppose right? Appreciate. It's just four syllables after all. There's nothing particularly special about the word or how it sounds...It's simply one amongst some 172,000 other words the english language encompasses and shouldn't enjoy any more of an elevated status than any other right? Well probably not, however the word has a meaning and when used correctly even the use of the word can have meaning, over and above the meaning of the word itself. Confused? Stay with me, don't bounce out yet.

Appreciate means: To recognize the full value.

Driving around in the course of my work yesterday I passed by a building where a particular group of people go to worship on Sunday's and on a large board at the front of the building was a phrase that sort of made me think...The very thing the board, and the words on it, was intended to do. It read:

Tell someone you appreciate them today.

A great suggestion I believe, and so I thought I'd see if I could get a thing happening here on the platform. Now, call me a defeatist, but I doubt it'll catch on due to the small nature of my account and the fact only a small handful of people actually see my posts, let alone click in and read them, however I'll do it just the same. Why? Because I think it's a good idea and will make me feel good in doing so.

So, here's the thing...I'm going to write a short piece below about a Steemit user and why I appreciate them. It's a pretty simple concept really I suppose. I'll tag them into this post so it's brought to their attention and with the hope they read what I have written. That's pretty much it. Oh, I urge you to do the same with someone you also appreciate.

A simple concept but one I believe is not done enough in life. We go through our busy lives focused on various things, most of which probably revolve around ourselves or those immediately around us, and rarely take a moment to stop and simply show someone some gratitude and say, "hey, I really appreciate you and here's why..." It's odd that we don't do it more often because it feels so good to say those words; From a personal perspective it can feel sort of warm and fuzzy and then the benefit doubles up when you see the happiness on the face of the person you just said it to. Maybe we forego the long version of showing that appreciation supplanting the simple word, thanks, in its place? Probably so, but the long version...It has a sort of cool feeling about it.

So, let's talk about reward!

Here's what you're going to get in reward for the small effort of telling someone you appreciate them and briefly explaining why...You ready? You're going to get an extremely good feeling inside: Happiness, enjoyment and of a feeling of satisfaction. What? Did you think showing appreciation deserves some SBD? Nope, the reward of showing your appreciation far outweighs the value a few measly SBD could ever offer a person.

It's interesting to note that the word appreciate means to recognize the full value but when the word is expanded to "I appreciate you," the value miraculously spreads, magnifies or expands to a much more profound meaning. It's also interesting to note synonyms for appreciate are words like: Value, respect, prize, cherish, treasure and admire. Hmm, there's some valuable words [emotions] in that little old list huh?

Anyway, I think you get the idea. Below is my little piece on appreciation for...@honeydue.

"Hey, @honeydue, I appreciate you. I appreciate you because of your razor-sharp wit and sarcastic (almost totally Australian) sarcastic humor. You have a way of making me roll my eyes and shake my head one minute and consider myself lucky that, through Steemit, I have connected with such an intelligent and interesting person the next."

See? It's easy right? I'm not done either...

"I also appreciate the way you consistently provide interesting content for this platform and that sometimes your dark side emerges which also shows in your writing. I appreciate your rants too! Just gold. I appreciate that in one so young I find a passionate, informed and opinionated person; Opinions based on your own observation and through personally-harvest knowledge or facts. I appreciate your diversity of thought and emotion and that you have taken the time to narrow the divide of location and age between you and so many Steemit users."

So, that's pretty much it...I could write more but I'd not want @honeydue to get too big of a head as summer, and the better weather, approaches and I'd hate for her not to be able to exit her house to enjoy it through a brobdingnagian noggin!

Now, go and get to it...If you don't know a Steemit user to tell that you appreciate them maybe mention your partner, parent, friend, work colleague, the bus driver, the stranger who held that door when you had your arms full. Someone that you appreciate but haven't told.

You see, every day we arrive in situations where we could deploy some appreciation or gratitude for that matter..But do we? My advice...Before you go and write a post is to go and thank yourself for everything you've done to bring you to where you are in life right now and then tell the most important person in your life that you appreciate them...I mean right now...Go!

Then, if you feel inclined spread some appreciation on the blockchain targeting the person(s) that you value and tell them how much you appreciate them and why. Then, whilst you're at it do something like this every day for the rest of your life.

In your appreciation post maybe tag #appreciation and the user so they know to look for it, and ask them to do the same...Hopefully more than just me has a crack at it and if it is just me...Well, that's how it'll be. No stress, not everyone likes to show appreciation and gratitude for others I suppose. Just the awesome ones do.

You would be forgiven for thinking the image in this post is indeed of @honeydue. It's actually not, although the resemblance is remarkable. 😋
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Very good idea, @galenkp and the choice was obvious... really..
However, I am surprised at the lack of so many adjectives that should have been mentioned when you speak of @honeydue...

Dictionary result for amazing
adjective: amazing
synonyms: astonishing, astounding, surprising, bewildering, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking, perplexing, confounding, dismaying, disconcerting, shattering; awesome, awe-inspiring, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, stupendous, phenomenal, prodigious, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable;
wonderful, marvellous, thrilling, exciting, mind-blowing, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, amazeballs, wondrous;

And now you know why I have such a big head :)))

Yes, makes perfect sense now...Still, probably well-deserved.



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I am amazeballs. Excuse me, these emojis seem to be...laughing? I do hope, for your sake, they have fallen over exhausted from all the admiration.

Haha...Been a while since I heard amazeballs so it was a welcome blast from the past. Thanks @ladyrebecca. 😂 HD, you're amazeballs! They made that word up for you! 😘🤯😋😉

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Awww thanks <3

Of course it's not me, I don't have any purple clothes. That, and I don't know how I could get my hair so high.
Anyway, TL;DR, cheers for the mention ;)

Naah, not really. I kinda had to read, even if it was just to see what the last phrase meant (I scrolled down before reading to upvote and I was like what the hell....)

Now, on to the delicious praising of my delicious self. Thank you, but I already have a big head. Surely, you know this. I'm glad you like me and that I'm an honorary Australian :)) Made me smile and all ;)

But you see what you've done here, don't you? My hands are tied, now I've gotta write about you back :/
Kidding. I will, very probably, but I'm kidding. I'll write about a few other Steemians too, as this is really a very nice initiative. People don't know how to be supportive more often than not and I know how important it is to hear a few kind words.

P.S.: All that being said, I think it would work far better if you would just tell everyone to praise me in their posts. I mean " partner, parent, friend"? What is this crap? They can just tell them to their face. Or not. Who cares about them? I mean, why would you praise anyone else when you've got me? Okay, over, I'm stopping. Head. Too. Big.

You crack me up...Yeah, my post should have been the HD appreciation post huh? Just drive the whole community to praise you...The Queen! Well, I didn't do that because I thought they did that already anyway!

I hope a few people show their appreciation but you know my thoughts on hope...Doesn't get one too far and so I expect it won't happen. I think it's a good concept though and in the real world showing appreciation pays dividends for both the appreciator and the appreciatee. Anyway, most don't do so and that's their own journey. I do it and harvest what I sow.

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If they don't, they will soon. When I take over the world. And then, people like you shall be remembered ;)

showing appreciation pays dividends for both the appreciator and the appreciatee

Maybe. It's surely good for you, but sometimes the appreciatee (another word you made up, I see? My, you're on a roll...) just says "yep thanks, now fuck you". but that doesn't matter. It is important to show your appreciation for others, I think. It's a great feeling to know someone cares about you and even though you should always know not to depend on others appreciating, I guess it's nice to see it every now and then. I'll do my own appreciation post tomorrow :) Now, if I only I could think of anyone beside myself to appreciate :P

I WISH you would take over the world...I'd love that world!

For me, I get a feeling of satisfaction from showing my appreciation. I see it as me displaying my quality, manners and extending courtesy. How can that be a bad thing for me? That's right, it can't. Whether the appreciatee (yep, it's a word now) shows thanks or not I still get the benefit of showing my quality.

I'm sure you can think of someone other than yourself to appreciate but it's important to also appreciate oneself so go right ahead! I look forward to your post.

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I like it! Just found a subject for tomorrow! Now to think who! Thanks for the idea!

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Oh cool, I'm glad you are going to do it!

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