So I've Made A Post About My HP Hackbook (Hackintosh) Now I'm Posting From A Real Macbook Pro..... But It Has Linux On It :-(

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Just Can't Win

So I have been wanting a mac for a while since I've never had the chance to own an Apple product. I've never been a big fan of windows except for its gaming compatibility. Since my first computer I have been using Linux because it was readily available to download and install. In the past year I've put windows on a desktop when I bought a gtx 1050ti for some light duty gaming. I just didn't like the feel of it though. Very clunky, bloated, and abused my senses. This is because I have been used to the lighter look and feel of Lubuntu. So since then I figured maybe I should give Apple a shot. I thought compared to Linux Apple should be capable of finding compatible software and looked like it had a simple user interface.

My First Attempt

So whats a broke Apple seeking nerd supposed to do. At soon was looking into making a Hackintosh out of the laptop that I had used primarily for Linux. It was alright but it lacked the build quality of a real mac and nothing worked as it should. I had to use a usb wifi card and a usb sound adapter. Still there where many features I could not just get to work correctly.

So Now I Have That Authentic Macbook Pro With Non Authentic OS

Well The build quality is superb and the hardware is just what I was looking for when a friend came to me with this mac. Only issue I had was he had no care for OS X and had wiped it off and installed a dual boot of 2 versions of Linux. I'm not too mac savvy and rather not break it so I've just been researching how to put OS X back onto it. It has a decent i5, thunderbolt ports, and other nice I/O so I'm happy regardless.

Guess Its Sweet Dreams For Me For Now.


Stole photos from my gf. :-)

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