The great innovation from APPLE

in apple •  26 days ago

Is a credit card.

A technologie that has been invented 60 years ago.

A product that is as special as printing t-shirt.

Are you kidding me?!?

I miss Steve J.


I have now actually watched they keynote. The credit card is amazing, simply because it

  • has no fees
  • 2% cash back

There is nothing competitive like this. But it is still just a credit card and Apple is simply leveraging its user base and using devices as sales channel. There is nothing wrong with this but its not that great of an innovation and really not that useful or different from apple pay.

That said I will sign up on day one (I actually am too lazy to use apple pay so far) because of the above two features. I only have one CC that has no international fees.

I think this is a nice way to cash in on the userbase, but not anything that will catapult the company or move the world.

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It's actually a mastercard. They are just co-branding it.


It's just another Visa card and the points aren't that much of a big deal either. It does nothing to make itself different. I used to think the airpods were bad. At least Apple is pushing it on some grounds.

I miss Steve Jobs too. Apple died with him


airpods are the best!

Sad part is that the fans are actually speculating some great things.

I checked out the card. There really is no reason for it to exist. there is nothing much different about it. (previously Monaco on the other hand is offering some serious perks for comparison)

That's $173 worth free stuff + 5% cashback for locking up 50,000 MCO That looks like a massive deal to me.


I think the card feature are amazing and this smokes every credit card in existence. But its still boring and the net effect for me is I get 2% cash back instead of 1%.

But there will be no better card, so i think pretty much every apple customer will get one. That's pretty big i guess.

All that said. I agree with you!


Graham Stephan actually made a perfect video reviewing the card. He has made lot of credit card videos in the past and it's a great YouTube channel with a lot o great value:

It is the beginning of the end!?!?!!!

The best part is calling it a innovation, when it is closer than ever to be a dead method of payment.


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Apple is the internet explorer of technology, iphones will start having app share options 50 years from now and people will still be amazed 🤣

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