Gather round?

in apple •  6 months ago

i think this means the new apple watch is finally round.

what do you think the round represents for the apple event?

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I bet it’s some kind of home assistant, like Alexa.

Maybe more of a focus on your circle of friends and something to do with social networking? But I do like your idea too...just wanted something different that might make sense.

I guess the watch would be the obvious candidate here... but on some level it's a bit of a stretch. Not that clever a play on words.

"Gather round."

What if it were a little more literal, as in "gather round" some new/re-invented/improved version of that "HomePod" thing they did last winter that was basically overpriced, too "apple proprietary" and pretty much nobody cared? On some level, that makes more sense.

Not gonna lose any sleep over it, mind you....

Apple always surprising us and more in September. Group ... The best of all to offer the customer an innovative and complete product, in which he can have "the world" in his hands.


Maybe they finally present something new this time around...

No doubt in my mind it represents Apple Park, which is a round construction. Check the arial view of Apple Park and this logo and you will see the same thing.

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I don't really like apple products,

Probably because just around my neighbourhood these products have gotten a bad name for themselves.


I have to admit I am a self elected apple slave, when it comes to phone and tablet. I have a MacBook Pro for travel but at home I use a PC.

Apple by far has the best all around product for me with amazing service thru their store. This is very valuable to me so I tend to pay up.

But I can't buy a powerful computer there so had to buy a pc, plus some things just dont run on a Mac still.

Sounds like a play on words for gather around ... so possibly a new or improved way to watch content / get content on the latest device they are working on.

Puede ser un nuevo desarrollo tecnológico con el que nos puede ayudar en el hogar. Seria una tecnología interesante.