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When apple presented their credit card, I was amazed at how little innovation their new products bring as well as how well it is executed.

We are used to Apple presenting the best and most innovative products but a credit card is hardly special. Literally every major store brand has its own credit card. It's like token in the crypto world: it just seems like the easiest way to make a buck of a customer base.

I have resisted Apple pay in the past, because I just don't get the value (how much faster is flipping out my phone vs a card).

But now they got me. The reason: Well I can't get a Credit Card that is competitive with Apple. 2% on everything is just better than anything I can get my hands on.


Apple just executes well. Everything they do is top notch. That includes the features and quality of any product.

It creates insane loyalty.

The credit card is no exception. I was able to sign up in 3 minutes and today I get this:



I have never received a credit card packaged this nicely.


In addition the experience of seeing your transactions on the phone is so nicely and seamlessly integrated.

The result: I just can't resist and will likely move all my CC spending to Apple if I can.

That is an insane result the company has just achieved.

Since 2006 I have gone from being no customer to:

  • Buying a new $1500 iPhone every 2 years
  • Buying a new $1500 iPad every 2 years
  • Probably a new 3-4k Laptop every 3 years
  • Spending monthly $10-50 for music, apps and cloud services
  • And now most of my daily expenditures via their credit card

The only place where I am still not switched over is the PC.I still have a PC at home and in fact switched away from my Macbook to the PC because of lack of functionality

Feedback loop

Think about what just happened to me. Applying for CC is not something I take too lightly because having many cards is not ideal. But with apple i simply blindly trusted the brand. I don't need a new card, but jsut because Apple offered it I simply got it, tusting the brand.

Immediately I get a user experience that is insanly different than what I am used to.

  • Sign up on the phone in a few minutes
  • Access to my card right away
  • Constant feedback of rewards I am getting
  • Better APP UI than anything I have seen before
  • And now this, physical that is just beautifully packaged in a way no other card ever has

This trust makes me blindly buy Apple stuff. There are few Brands that have such great power.

All this for a piece of shit credit card.

Apple is changing

But there is no way around it. The credit card from Apple is not innovation. It is simply leveraging its scale and executing much better than anyone else.

So I think apple is changing to more of a massive huge company. It is not the think different any more. Now it is about leveraging its size and scale.

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Sort Order: offer some serious benefits depending on how much you stake. You have to stake $160 K for the highest tier. But you can use 60% of it as a credit line. Cards are available in 38 US states and Singapore. Unfortunately it's not around my jurisdiction yet.

Verstehe ich das richtig, dass man mit der Apple Kreditkarte 2% bei jeglichem Einkauf mit der Karte zurückbekommt?
Gibt es ansonsten Gebühren für die Karte?

Ja genau. Deswegen musste sie eben her. Und es gibt keine Gebuehren, aber normale CC zinsen wenn man nicht zeitgemaess bezahlt.

I avoid owning any CC but its getting harder and harder to do so in our evolving world. Getting a hotel room is a pain without one.

How do you pay for stuff? In US, every transaction is usually done via CC.

Cold hard cash ......

I do use (very rarely) a pre-paid CC sometimes but the one I have only allows a balance of $250. I recently gave in and got a $2500 CC because as you noted .... lots of transactions require them these days.

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