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RE: Announcement: APPICS' Dual Blockchain Solution

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Help me understand

Let me know if I'm getting these points right.

  1. The Appics app is simply interacting with the Steem blockchain.
  2. Appics is creating a token (APX) on the Steem-engine that runs on the Steem blockchain. Each time a person gets an upvote, they will get both Steem and APX?
  3. If they want to convert this to EOS they would use the "Appics Foundation Account" as the middle-man to convert from Steem to EOS? Similar to

If so, is this foundation charging a fee to convert back and forth?

  1. EOS has no part of the app. EOS only becomes a part of the conversation when wanting to convert from STEEM to EOS.

Would be great to get some clarity on these 4 points.