😍I'm home. Been a🦁 long one. Vegas Home 🎄Sweet Home. It was much 🐶warmer when🐕 ... — Steemit
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Dude you live in Vegas? I wish I'd met you when I was there for 2 weeks this summer


Hi @abetorrent. Anytime. We are here. Hang out & meet the crew.

Home, sweet home. I am glad you had such a spectacular trip (at least according to all your pics and posts). Let's talk soon and catch up on all the crazyness with Steemit and come up with some ideas. I know you are hit by this news hugely as well!


The trip was almost indescribably amazing. The people. The people I had the pleasure to spend time with was what it is all about for me.


You are a world bender, my friend!

Sounds like you had a great trip!! And it will be warm again before you know it 😀👍

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Hi @mariannewest. Happy Holidays Dear. It was great. I like warm weather. Hahaha

Wow vegas

I’m in Vegas bro!! Hit me up if you’re around!

@steemcafe, you had a big journey! Good job!

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