When we pay attention to Nature’s music, we find that everything on the Earth co ...

in appics •  3 months ago

... ntributes to it’s harmony. 🌺 #Nature #Meditation #Energy #Power ##Travel #Love


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The positive vibes from nature can never be replaced by anything else.


So true! This energy is so pure and powerful!

You are a goddess.

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have contact with nature is the best meditation cute excellent shot

Nature as a way of bringing positivity. That energy is what I feed on whenever I observe nature. Dante is here no fear. Cheers

Woah,,,,,That's pretty relaxation place to be meditation. You can meditation there nicely. Mind can control also better. Cool picture @soldier.

Yesno doubt there is a language exist that expressing the feelings

It is a great place to meditate, the sun entrance looks really amazing nice photo

It's wonderful how nature is sooooo obvious and subtle both at the same time. According to Einstein the most incomprehensible thing about nature is its comprehensibility :)....Lol

Nature is peaceful we just need to find the way to it :)

There is a certain music that the wind in the tree can sing, or the patter of rain can drum out. More than that though, it is the smell and the evocativeness of nature that is so alluring.

Have you not noticed how night air smells different than day air? How in the summer your skin can tingle with the approach of oncoming storm? Or how in the winter the frost can dangle delicately off a spiders web?

It is good to enjoy man-made wonders, but it is as nothing to enjoying nature's extraordinarily beguiling beauty.

Glad to see you're still around soldier! I finally made it back onto Steemit and it feels great. Great photography! Sincerely ~ hansenatortravel

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Nature is full of the life and true essence of living. It definitely requires our paying rapt attention to get the best out of it. I love you @soldier