May You Have The Courage To Break The Patterns In Your Life, That Are No Longer ...

in appics •  2 months ago 

... Serving You 🙏🏽

It’s 2020 in less than 3 months. Get aligned with your goals. Put in effort, and do something that your future self will thank you for. It’s the end of a decade and a beginning of a new ✨


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Great photo. While your photos are always stunning, it is your words that has me stunned today. I need to evaluate and suspend/stop those actions that no longer serve me. This is so thought provoking that I will write more in a post. Thanks for the tip.

So happy to hear that 🙏🏽 Will watch out for your post. Sometimes we just need a little hint to realize what’s really important and what we should put our focus on.

Make money, make family happy. eat healthy :D

Great photo and wise words 😘

Already working on it Beautiful

May 2020 brings amazing things to all of us ! Cheers .


Well one thing I can think of as positive is to not be so shy the next time I see you in RL. Tis foolish to think of really because I has only been on steam less than a month and was not at all sure what to say or do or who to talk to but for sure if I could talk to Ilana (@techslut) then I ought to have been able to talk to you.

Hey ho.. till next time you are in London...

You kill it always Girl ✨✨✨👌🏿