One thing that always bother me in my mind and that is the decisions I am taking, ...

in #appics2 years ago (edited)

... how much they are gonna be fruitful for me in the near future. Obviously, some decisions I have taken on the base of situations or I was forced to and now also I am ready for consequences.

To be honest, I am not good at taking concrete decisions. Sometimes I feel confused, a little bit shaky or sometimes, my mind says something and on the other hand, my brain says opposite things.

I am not going to say that I have taken all the correct decisions so far. I have taken many wrong decisions as well and for those, I am still suffering from consequences.

Strange feeling when your mind and brain don't agree together...

But this is life and we have to take risks and be ready for the consequences as well.




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So true that your Brain and Mind are NOT always of one