Last embassy organised flight out of Phnom Penh, and we made it. The Cambodian travel ...

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... ban leading up to Khmer New Year came into effect just under 5 hours ago.

With less than four hours to prepare, our family of 6 managed to pack what we could and get to the capitol city before the provincial lock downs were enforced.

We live in Siem Reap, which is five and a half hours drive from Phnom Penh (yeah sure it's only 317km or 197miles to the capital city) But the roads in Cambodia are littered with pot holes, late at night you can spot the sober driver from the drunk. The drunk, drives in a straight line pretending to be sober, the sober dude is all over the road avoiding all the pot holes.

We made it to the capital city, now we just need to hope we are one of the lucky ones allows on the plane with a capacity of only 210.

Stay safe people, and pay attention to what's going on in your local area, laws are changing fast. If we were half an hour behind, we would have been stuck at the implemented border. And not been able to board this embassy flight.

Sydney, you And I never saw eye to eye... But please be gentle on my family during quarantine.


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