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Cool, So appics is already up and running ?


Right now its their testnet using the STEEM blockchain :) Its not a finished product yet.

It seems like it doesn't cut much on the quality of the photo compared to Steepshot. Other than that, looking great! Or should I say Fit? :D Not Sure which sounds much better in a Footballers ears...but you get the drift Pastor right? ;)

I'm not implying anything but your name reminds me of this Series..
images (1).jpeg

Haha! I love it!


Thanks :)
It doesn't matter I know what you are trying to say :D

I dont know this series 🤔 I have to make some researches about that.


You definitely should, that's if you like comical stuff and have a good sense of humor :D

That is indeed awesmeeeeeee buddyyyy

Can not really wait for it to get released publically :)

You do look really cool by the way !

What happened on the elbow ?


Thanks buddy :)
Oh yes, I am so excited too.
I hope they will make it this year.

Superb I must confess
Checking it out right away
That picture is clean , wow


Thanks buddy.


Anytime fam, I checked it out and signed up , tried linking to my steem account but since then what I get is black splitted screen trying to figure it on system tho I’ve only tried on mobile

This image was loading pretty slowly on my computer. Maybe they should compress the images for better mobile access as this is their niche. Is there a feedback system for beta testers?

Great photo. I love the plaster showing off your war wound on your left arm 😝 I hope you survive that LOL. Never used appics, will have to try it now :)

Nice photo there.. I like the cap...

you are leading a great lifestyle...i am always follow you

Really?Didn’t even realize it was running
Nice shot by the way!

@modernpastor wow !!! you are looking so beautiful . your lifestyle seems to awesome. Credit should be also given to Appics app also . #appics


Thanks for your nice words. :)

Check the link of the app and it seems great, when will the product be ready?

Great! Very good photo, how did it go at APPICS? I haven't heard much about the application, but it looks promising.

Oh!... Mayne!! You look too fit and handsome for my liking.

This is awesome I am excited to use my Appics account! Thanks for sharing this @modernpastor!❤😊

Great photo with the blur in the background. Did you scrape your arm?
I need to check this application out. So many get tools are becoming available.

How cool, your photography is good. I will try to use appics .. :)

Looking HOTTTT!!!! Spewing volcanic heat. Did I say HOTTT???

And, oh, yeah, I'll check out APPICS too. ;)

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So lucky to be part of the test net @modernpastor ! I am patiently waiting for the Appics app to come out! Are you a moderator for the sports category !? Great photo by the way!🏃⚽👍


Thank you very much :)

At the beginning no. I also not plan to be a category judge. Too much work!😁


Oh ok! well its cool that you were chosen for the test net!💕👍✌😀

Awesome picture buddy