#Colorchallenge Thursdaygreen On Appics - Peroni Break @Sicula

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Green is forever young sign and beautifully captured.

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Great start to the day :)

Hehe. Perhaps not for breakfast ;-)

Looks like a refreshing way to spend lunch! Nice color. Thanks @lichtblick

Haha. Thank you @enjoywithtroy :-)

Looks very appetizing.

Indeed a very good appetizer before lunch ;-) Thank you.

What a beautiful green!

Hehe. One of my most loved greens ;-)
Thanks for your kind visit dear @kus-knee.

Woohoo...very happy to see green color shot morning time.
It make refresh mind.

Thank you @kingsberry :-)

Nice photography & good work.

Thank you @goldcoin.


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Cheers :-)