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Hello 2019! Happy New Year guys!💁👍✌

If I could just put a SteemMonsters Team on the Battlefield that I could WIN against You With @karenmckersie


Hahaha, I get my ass kicked lots by Otage , wombykus and vaansteem just to name a few Lol!Theres a lot of players with maxed out teams that are hard to beat, but I keep trying! Lol! I just leveled up my blue Genie to 8 that took another 67 cards to go from 7 ! The ones I hate is the maxed out Legendary Angle Of Light that resurrects their top monster ! which was hard enough to kill to begin with, then I have to try and kill it again, lol! ( I could never afford to max out that Angle Card!) thanks for your awesome reply, @stokjockey ! SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD!💁😜😂