🎨 Pop Art Comic #13: Running With Bulls! Bitcoin passes 9,014.USD 11,873 CDN. Today! ...

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... 🤑🐂🐻Squeezing The Bears & Helping My APX Grow, Woot, with Steem up 5.4% over 24hrs Now at 0.1689 and on trend to keep rising, fingers crossed!💪🚀🤑🐂
It's A Great Day To Be Alive, Happy Tuesday Everyone, Let's Go Go APX/ @appics ! 🐂🤑🚀💪


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Hahaha, I Just Hit Over 8,000.00 APX at posting, Woot!

Check out the Daily Bitcoin / Crypto News Round Up Here for all the latest news, WITH BITCOIN NOW UP TO $9150. USD.Woot! THAT AINT NO BULL!!



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I'll upvote ur posts just to get APX curation. I am planning a scatter login button for Appics site so u can see your APX on the site and register for bounties on appics.com to win APX I am going to ask @soldier1 to ask for allocation of APX eos tokens (which start from @appicsmint and are deposited to gateway to be issued as eos tokens ) we will then create more new demand for APX to make up for every APX our influencer paid in say Venezuela or Nigerian pay rates like @citimillz who if given even staked APX will bring in 10x whatever he is paid. So give him 1000 APX a month and he will get people to buy 10,000 APX

Thank you!

I love your comic YOU alot and bubbles 😁 lol...makes me smile and you are such a sweet friend and supporting appics is awsome.

Awe, thanks so much for your sweet reply! Im glad you like it, I just checked and Bitcoin is now up to 9,150. So things are look Up, its awesome!!


Hahaha yes indeed , My Bitmoji BOOM! Lol🎉🚀💣

great news about bitcoin and your comic very original again:)

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Thanks so much for your kind reaply, I really love creating these Comics its a new fun hobby lol. Bitcoin is expected to reach 20,000 or higer this year, I like to stay positive and always hope for the best!!