BREAKING NEWS; R.I.P Kobe Bryant... Dies At Age 41 In Helicopter Crash with Daughter Gianna...🙏🏀❤️ ...

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... As unconfirmed reports keep coming in with 5 dead stating that another player and their Parent was also onboard and that they were on their way to a Basketball Practice in his Private helicopter. It's A Sad day indeed...May they forever rest in peace...🙏❤️🏀


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Kobe Bryant one of the greatest NBA Basketball Player of all time a Definite top 10 Was Recently Retired in 2016 after playing for LA Lakers for Over 20 years, He will always be remembered and missed. R.I.P... For the latest News On This Check out this Link:


NEWS UPDATE; There was actually 9 People on the Aircraft including the pilot, once next of kin is informed they will release more information. So Heartbreaking...🙏❤🏀

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Yup been talking about this and wondering.

Its a sad sad day...thanks for your kind reply.

I wonder if there is more to it this story or not.

Oh yes there is definitely much more news to come on this, check your news stations as it is Breaking news and just happened .

I added a updated news link to my post over on Steemit with more information that there was 9 people on board including the pilot, all died sadly enough...

Yeah, nine or maybe ten. Yeah, probably nine.

The Sheriff said 8 plus the pilot so 9 in total were on the Manifest.

I hear there was was a fire in the helicopter. I'm not sure what that means and how that started. Not sure if there really was a fire or not but that is what some people say.

Everything is unconfirmed right now because the crash itself caused a fire that was hard to extinguish. It will be quite a while before the full report comes out on exactly what happened.

Just found sad :(

Thanks for your kind reply.He also had a wife and 4 kids Gianna being one of them, I really feel sad for them as well, such a tragedy...

🙏🙏🙏🙏Enjoy the other side

Its a sad day indeed, very heartbreaking to hear his daughter was on board and they were going to her basketball practice...He was a coach for her team.

It is so sad 😪

Thank you for your kind reply. Such a shock and tragedy to everyone...its a very sad day...

Yes indeed, it's a major tragedy so sad...😢🙏❤🏀

Was it an accident or not an accident?

It makes you kind of realize how life is just so uncertain.

Thanks for stopping by and your kind reply. Yes for sure, we never know when our number will be picked... Live every day as though its your last if you can.

I am sooo shocked 🙏🏾 sad sad sad

Yes indeed my friend its such a tragedy and a very sad day...thanks for your kind reply.

Thank you, its a sad day...

very sad news😔