We Finally Got A Bathroom Door On & Trim Around Window/Door! Woot, 7 Pics! 💪📷 I ...

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... have been waiting 6 months for this, before we just had a blanket hung as a door, lol! My brother has worked construction all his life and came over to do it for us, The materials are expensive so we can only do a bit at a time. Just the small can of Verethane Cherry Wood stain we bought was $24.00 , its rediculous!
💪📷 Stay tuned for my next photos after I am done staining, all the trim, hope it turns out nice, fingers crossed!! Thanks for all your support! 💪📷


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We were given 2 beautiful solid wood doors from my hubby's boss who has since passed away this past fall. For the door I will clean it up and put Linseed Oil on it As it's so Beautiful as is! Then the trim will match the Window with this Cherry Wood Verathane all in one Stain below, Stay Tuned For Future Photos, Hope It Looks Awesome!





This is our home half built and still under construction! Hopefully we can start the other half this spring!


"All Photos Taken and Created By Me From our Homestead up In the Mountains of SNOWY British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"


Woot woot woot! Congrats

Yes indeed, building is a very slow process when funds are tight, but eventually bit by bit our house will be built, lol! There is 7 pics. Added , edited in over on Steemit, thanks for your kind reply and stopping by!

I will go have a look at them. I know it is tough but APPICS will get you there.

Yes im sure hoping so, just need the price of Steem to keep going up!! Thanks for your kind reply back!

Step by step, with small victories, and the house will be completed!

Thank you! Yes for sure!

Cool 👍Congratulations! 👏

Thanks for your kind reply and support!

Awesome. Step by step it will get perfect just like You want.

Thanks for your kind reply, yes indeed, slowly but surely, lol!!

I hope you didn't have to shower/bathe with your clothes on before that. :-)

Haha thats funny, no we always had a blanket hung for a door, lol!

Congratulations - it’s always nice when the situation in the house changes 🤟✔️

Yes indeed, im just tired of living in a construction zone, never do it my friend!!