A Tearful Farewell to "Grumpy Cat..." 2012-2019 May She rest in peace...🐈

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We Love You "Grumpy Cat" aka "Tardar Sauce..."

A tearful farewell to the beloved Grumpy Cat we all came to love. Her real name was actually "Tardar Sauce" and she died at only 7 years old on Tuesday May 14, 2019 But the family just announced it today. May she forever rest in peace... 2012-2019

For much more information here is the link to the full story:

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Goodbye tarter sauce, wherever you are...

Thanks for your kind reply, she will be missed....🐈😢

Yikes, 7 is WAYY too young to go for a cat..

Yes for sure it is, she got a Urinary tract infection that never cleared up and was the cause of death.Poor Kitty😢🐈