Hello Appics family ✨ Just stay at home, relaxed and finished my book from Erich ...

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... Fromm a German author, called ,, The Art of Loving‘‘ I wonder how people can think that love lasts forever. In my opinion u have to work on love everyday, even to keep the fire burning u have to add wood🔥❤️Time after time


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..ooh, nice...but do you really read while taking a bath??...or are you just posing here?...anyway, nice shot.. enjoy..

Yes ! I eat also while I taking a bath 😆 But honestly I was finished the book 2 days ago, so this time you’re right I was posing 🐒🤪

..haha, funny....beautiful shot!..but not soo difficult when looking as good as you do...anyway, enjoy your bath...

Best way to live in this lockdown)) About the book, I think people just have their different opinion on love, the way it’s given & accepted.

Oh Yes! Bubble baths are the best as well as a Jucuzzi tub, lol!

😆 I wish I had a jacuzzi

Living the best life during this lockdown


Just enjoy your day and make the best out of it ......inspiring & invitingly cool 👍🏿

Thanks a lot have a great day !

Photography is top notch... remain well!

Thank you ☺️

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