Nice weather, fresh orange juice and great food. This is what I need at the morning🤤 ...

in #appics2 years ago

... Good morning ☀️ (This picture was took in Spain 🇪🇸)


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Love that kind of Food 🥘! So yummy 😋

Oh it was it was 🤤

..sieht super lecker aus!...but caffe is not the perfectly fitting drink...may a glass of cold champagne or Prosecco would be an alternative...enjoy...

I agree. But still delicious though haha

..ya, guess also without drinking, wishes..

I don’t really like alcohol. After the one champagne my day is over 😂🥴

..ooh, not the worst attitude...better an alcohol-free cocktail then..

Mhh I’m so hungry rn 😍

This got me singing that Justin Bieber Yummy Yummy ))

Haha I don’t really like his songs but yas it was yummy 🤤

Mmmmm, looks so delicious!!

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