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Had my warm lemongrass tea served in the cutest yellow cup yesterday, which says (without shame): Bee Mine. It was a shame that I was eating alone, and my partner couldn't try that pickup line on me.



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Love lemongrass tea @joeylim :) And served in that cute teacup, what a great way to start your day!

Yay, hi fives @birdsinparadise!! ✨✨

I know right!! It was at a Thai restaurant ((:

Mhh, I would go for a coffee!
Hope it tasted great!

Would be a sweet moment if your partner uses that line... :) And without that it feels a little funny that you are drinking lemongrass tea from a "bee mine" (which should produce honey...), lol.

Ah, now I miss the taste of the lemongrass tea...

And I like to drink tea alone)) No one bothers ... and does not eat my sweets 😂

I definitely need to try some of these lines, maybe that's where I'm going wrong lol!

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