Scrolling through the garden of the Gods 😎 - Some thoughts on Appics post APX launch

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It’s been really cool to follow the surge in activity on the APPICS App following their recent update, as can be seen in the increase in users also on I’ve spent some more time with the app (and casually observed the engagement on other platforms such as their telegram and other social media sites) and thought I would add some thoughts.


Before even talking about the new token and its effect, the first thing for anyone new to APPICS to know is simply how good your pictures look on the app! Now, this has always been the case for APPICS, but it is still worth stressing because it is unfortunately rare for early blockchain products. Most apps still look and feel very basic compared to their non-blockchain competitors, and it is as if we've simply come to accept that it is part of an early technology to be ugly. But not APPICS!

It is the only blockchain-based product I know of that just looks better than the alternatives I and most others use "in the real word", aka Instagram and Facebook's mobile app. This is really cool, and it is going to be interesting to see if this means that APPICS can attract more "normies" who don't really care if a product is "decentralized" or uses some fancy tech, but who just want it to look cool and to be something they feel like showing off to their friends.

Nobody can take away from APPICS that their UI looks amazing!

But back to the new APX token launch. The first positive experience is seeing that my posts there seem to obtain organic engagement from app users, even a day or two after posting it. This just shows that there are active users actually looking for content, and who seem to care about reaching out in order to make connections to people. A positive contrast to the mostly automated votes I seem to be getting by curation snipers on Steem these days. This is obviously a great sign, as a common reason why many apps fail to launch is when the early users experience entering a ghost town without human beings and meaningful interactions (which is often the case when the early user-base is small and fragmented).

Overcoming this initial barrier is in my opinion key, as blockchain/cryptocurrency-based products already provide users with initial doubts, as the value in the tokens appear alien and confusing at first. Thus, ensuring that the new users still experience meaningful interactions, generating new following, and reaching new people with their content, is key as those are values that everyone already understands and don’t need to be convinced of. Thus investing more time in the app seems more likely, compared to if the only benefit is earning a token whose value you as a new “normal” user are not yet convinced of.

So all in all, I am very positive to see how the new token launch has brought new life and energy to a Steem-based app, and will be following it closely both as a user and as a curious observant. I suppose the only question for me is whether or not I want to continue using this app with my main Steem account considering how it will continue to share short form content also to my normal blog. We’ll see!


Hey Frederik! Thank you for your positive feedback and the whole review!
We love seeing all the posts and activirty in our app, it's really exciting to see how our vision is coming to life more and more - and this is only the beginning! thanks for being a part of APPICS since the start and continuously following our journey!

Thanks for the review Frederik and for your kind words 🙏🏼 it’s a blessing for me to see this network come to life see how many people enjoy posting and interacting on APPICS already!

No worries! I'll probably do a more detailed review on small things here and there that I believe could improve the user experience.

It's great to see that you appear to have a good foundation to build on, so good luck growing it further from here. I'll be there to cheer on you all the way!

Thank you for your detailed and positive feedback. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the experience on APPICS. We are just getting started and the response from our community is already phenomenal. Thank you again for your kind words! We appreciate your support. 🙏🏾

You're more than welcome! Thank you for making great contributions to the blockchain space and also just being awesome overall :).

I'll continue to add suggestions and feedback here and there, and see what else I can do to help you guys spread the word.

We would love to hear about your suggestions so we can continue to grow. It’s much appreciated 🙌🏾

APPICS to the moon🚀🚀! Thank you so much for this post.Appreciate it🙏

Hehe, we'll see :) I think they're on to something with a look and feel that can make people want to show it off to their friends. I never "wanted" to show my Steem blog to people I know, because it looks ugly and 90s. APPICS is different in that sense.

Love your summary and have nothing to say but swing my head up and down👏👏👏