Just found my new gym... Having just moved cities, and with all the gyms still closed ...

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... due to the Corona situation, I've missed my old workout routine perhaps more than anything (except my dog) since moving.

And while Instagram and YouTube is filled with people doing "workout from home routines" videos, it's just not the same as having a heavy barbell, a pullup-bar, and the other equipment found in a gym. As much as I want to stay in good shape, I really do hate making myself do workouts from home.

Today though, a local calisthenics park (I had to Google that) opened after having initially been closed off as well (a newly placed sign there still instructs people to not be too many at the same time and also to keep some distance ). So I brought a backpack for some added weight to the pull-ups, some water, and a pair of gloves, and decided to give it a shot.

While there's still some uncertainty in my mind as to what the risk of getting I'll through inhaling the air of others that may have been affected could be, it was nonetheless nice to do stimulate a few muscles that have hardly received any challenge now for almost a month...

What about you guys? Do you manage to get your own workouts done without a gym? And if so, what do you do?


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Nahh! I don't. I never have had a gym registration. Always been improvising all my life. From some locally made dumbbell to heavy refrigerator compressors. Lol. In addition to some sit-ups and push-ups. Nice gym by the way. Stay safe. Breath less. Hahah

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