Camping at Kaptai Lake 2019 was a great year for me. This year has been traveling ...

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... to several places. I finished the year camping on the banks of Lake Kaptai. This was the last trip of the year.

General Chat Chat LoungChittagong Kaptai is heading for the road to Kaptai. Kaptai had to go through CNG because it was too late at night. General Chat Chat LoungFrom there, we left for Prasanti Park.

Since we took the tent, we booked a ticket. From there I talked to the manager Masud Bhai and ordered dinner. General Chat Chat LoungThe dinner menu was egg yolks and slices
In the morning, bread and tea and breakfast, left for Chittagong at 10 o'clock.

General Chat Chat LoungThe year-end trip was extraordinary, with camping at Kaptai Lake being the best choice to take a closer look at nature and to feel better in winter. You will get everything by hand. There are several tourist places. General Chat Chat LoungThe park also has kayaking facilities. Apart from this park, there are several places around Kaptai city for a day trip. Kaptai has been visited several times from 2016 to 2019. Kaptai is seen in other forms during winter.

General Chat Chat LoungThere are certain places for dirt in Prashanty Park, where there is no dirt and damage to the environment. Do not throw packets of bottled chips and bottles of water into the lake's water.
Chittagong, Bangladesh


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interesting! very amazing spot! I see in the pic a signature and an instagram user name, is that you?