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... and Fly.

Traveling period - 8 nights, 2 days.

We made the journey from Dhaka to Mohanganj on Thursday at Haur Express at 12 pm from Kamalapur railway station8th grade decorative chair "rented for Tk 20.

On Friday morning, our train departs at Mohanganj at around 9am. We have to arrive at Bidh or Shinji from Mohanganj by mid-marketFrom Mohanganj to Madinagar Bike or Sinjee, the rent will be charged at Tk 5 per person.

Now it is the turn of fixing the trawler. There will be different types of trawlersWe rented a large-sized trawler for 5 bucks, where 4 people could easily go to the trawler.To fix the trawler, you must pay the price and see the toilet system and then fix it. Take your breakfast from midtown.

Travel to Tangier Howar-

At the beginning of the trawler journey there will be numerous small haor, bill turn and then go to tanguar haorBy 12pm the trawler will reach the watch tower. There is a good view of the haor from the tower.

General Chat Chat LoungAfter the turn of the watch tower, the trawler will resume for Takerghat. The Tigherghat will arrive at 2 pm to see the beauty of the mountains and haor of Meghalaya.

There is a market next to Takerghat, eat lunch there.
General Chat Chat LoungAfter a while walking around Takerghat, fix the bike to go to Lakmachhara river, Shimul Gardens. Two bikes per person and rent was Rs. 5 (2 people)Where beauty is full of sixteen.

After crossing the river at Jadakata river this afternoon, cross the river. With the money, cross the boat and come to the market.
You will get bikes from the market to Sunamganj. Two bikes can be seated per person and the rent will be 1 taka per person.
General Chat Chat LoungIt takes about 4 hours to reach Sunamganj. Tell the driver to drop the bus counter to Sylhet.
General Chat Chat LoungFrom the place where the bus will drop off at 6pm, Sylhet charges a fare of Rs.
You can find numerous hotels in the vicinity of the shrine or in the Amber Khana.

White stone and fox-

General Chat Chat LoungOn Saturday, our main objective was to see the sandstone and fissures. He left the hotel in the morning and went to Dhaka to spend the night.
Then we went to breakfast at Amberkhana PointGet up and go for Bholaganj. Tell the driver that the boat will leave at 4am to get to the ferry.Tell the middle you will not come down here and go down to the Bazaar Bazaar. It will take you more money.
At Dyarbazar Ghat. Market is a little way from Ghat.
You will find hotels in the market to eatThe fare will go up and down at 4 rupees. That way the road is a bit bad and it will be a 5 minute walk from the place where Sinjee will drop down to Ummachhara.

After spending the last afternoon there, come back to Dayarbazar.
General Chat Chat LoungFrom Sylhet to Sylhet you can get from Darbazar. The money will be charged Tk. 5 per person. Come to Sylhet for dinner.

Cost - Each of us spent about 5 rupees per person.

General Chat Chat Loung---- Finally, do not leave anything but your own footprints. Keep in mind my responsibility to keep the environment pollution free


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