Here we sit in front of a Greek orthodox church. All churches on this island look ...

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... like a work of art from the inside. Very impressive and interesting. Chapels can be found in Greece in the most remote places. Sometimes the chapels stand on a single stone in the water, or in places where there is no road and you have to walk through olive groves ⛪🌴🌊


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Wunderschön!🌺 Habe nun Fernweh und möchte nach Griechenland,aber erst im Sommer!😁

Es ist so wunderschön 😍 definitiv ein Urlaub wert !!

What a beautiful photo! Its so Angelic!!

Wow very llooks thesame like Tunsia. Greatings.glad to meet u here

i heard Tunisia is very beautiful. I would like to see more pictures from your country 😁 nice to meet you too

You are welcome. Yeah its brautiful. My country is Algeria and more beautiful lol. You are welcome to visit North Africa to see our mixed culture between north african and Europian culture. And Arabic culture. Mroocco ,Algeria and Tunisia. All of them have beautiful culture.

Das sieht wunderbar aus!! 🤩

Danke dir ! Ein traumhafter Ort so peaceful ☮️☀️🙏😍

beautiful Greece, some day I will visit there for sure!

Let me know when the day comes greece especially crete and the other islands around are worth a visit

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