Snapped this picture on my way back home from dropping my hysterical daughter off ...

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... at preschool this morning. It got me thinking, I’m really blessed. I left her in good hands, she’s able to be at preschool 3 days a week, with sweet teachers. That’s a blessing for sure! A lot of parents struggle with childcare. My husband and I don’t have a lot of money right now, we’re just starting out in another country. Ee live paycheck to paycheck, 1 salary only for the time being. We live with my two brother-in-law’s, bachelors! We’ve been living out of suitcases since March 2018, when we first got to Sweden. My uncle passed away in February. He was like a father to me. My sadness still comes in waves. However, I had him for nearly 35 years. So, I’ve got a lot memories to make me smile. There is always food on our table, we have a place to live. We’ve got family here and back in NYC, people that love and support us. Not everyone can say that. The best gift of all is our daughter. I’m really trying to be a glass half full kind of gal. I know it’s ok to be frustrated with life, and to be sad. I’ve been in a funk the past few days. Listing my blessings and the beauty of Mother Nature always helps to straighten me out. Guess I had to share it! ❤️ Hope we are all hanging in on this Tuesday!


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