My buddy brought me to this epic tree house this week. It is 100 feet up in this ...

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... tree. It is sooo freaking rad that I went back for a 2nd time this week. Such a cool and chill spot. We ended up having a picnic up there with a few friends. 🌳😁🤙


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Ya man!!! It was one of the most unique things I have ever seen. It is so peaceful up there. It's a perfect place to meditate for sure!! There are webbing ladders up the tree so you can climb it safely.

What a cool idea to make a net up there! would love to meditate in that spot, surrounded by nature. And it looks pretty high up - is there a ladder? Respect to the guy who’s been working on this for a decade 🕸🌳

Wow this Spot looks so cool! Awesome idea to put webs on the tree!

Wow this Spot looks so
Cool! Awesome idea to
Put webs on the tree!

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