📷Monthly Author Challenge #03.03 View from Thomson Medical Centre | 康生医院看景 😎 (by ...

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... @ace108)
This is a view from Thomson Medical Centre I saw recently. Some thing has changed since I last saw this. Now buildings have come up and now it looks like the road is widening.
这是我最近看到的康生医院看到的情景。 自从我上次看到这个以来,有些改变。现在多了建筑物。看起来,道路也正在扩大。


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Nice shot @ace108 !

Thank you.

Your welcome 😀🙋😎

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Next time you’ll get lost as things would change so much!

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I don't think it will be so much. More of the road widening there that will be the main change.

They are really building non stop it seems there!

There's all sorts of construction. Sometimes, building are tear down and rebuild higher.

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