Proof of Attempt to Communicate With Tazewell County Attorney's Office

in appalachia •  6 months ago

This is not an entertaining post. This is using the power of the Blockchain to document a permanent, indelible record of an event.

One of our associates in Eastern Virginia has sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Tazewell County Attorney's Office. By law, they have five days to respond with the requested information. She has received two messages from the County Attorney's Office stating the information they need to process the request has not been received. She has sent this information twice.

I've obscured contact information for all parties, but it exists in my gmail inbox if questions arise.

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Has she sent physical letters for her FOIA requests? To my knowledge, if one wants to raise a failure to honor a valid FOIA request, she has to exhaust all reasonable means of getting into contact with the agency she's requesting information from.


Not yet. That's the next step. I guess I just wonder if they might be stalling for time. Not sure why they would...but it does cross the mind.