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In Canada they have phased them out. Now we just round to the nearest 0.05 cents. I say we just start going to the nearest quater dollar and cut out a bunch of useless change.

At least here in canada, nothing can be purchased for under a quarter dollar.

But I used pennies to get pressed pennies. I collect them

I get them with nearly every purchase I make, causing my pocket to jingle more than it should.Besides, pennies Are "Bacteria-Ridden Disks Of Suck"..

Since they are no longer in circulation in Canaduh I collect them when I find them. Older ones are a better find

I despise all our currencies today. They are a criminal ripoff, unconstitutional, worthless crap. There was a time when real money had a intrinsic value.
At this site you can see some of the real money that we used to have Here

Did you know that J F Kennedy had the treasury print silver backed United States Notes and was trying to do away with the fake unlawful Federal Reserve notes right before he got murdered?

I thought for a split second you said something else in your post heading lol lol. (penis)

My 0.004 cents votes looks like a penny.. I hate it too😂😂

I've actively started refusing to take pennies when offered, as protest against the stupidity of the penny.

The pennies will soon be taken out of circulation here in the UK...

I hate my neighbours who irritate me.


Her I like.

Pennies are very useful, but sometimes it become more disguesting. It is to heavy when a amount of penny stored in pocket or wallet.

and to think each penny is a bunch of satoshi's

Every body hates pennies. But they are great for anyone who likes to collect them.

America should only use 10¢, 20¢, and 50¢ coins. Also, the dime should be enlarged (it's so frustratingly tiny!). Although I acknowledge that the U.S. would probably be better off using $1 coins rather than bills, I hate having my wallet weighed down by coins, so I'd rather keep the bills. $1 bills facilitate exchange well enough, and they cost much less to make than they're worth.

When Canada got rid of pennies, we were all freaking out about it, and then about a week later we realized literally nothing changed.

Yeah for some reason I thought the title said "I HATE PENISES"

You know what worse than the USA using pennies still? That we don't use the metric system! The metric system is the only measurement system that makes sense.


Actually no, almost no ancient civilization used decimal metric system from what I know.

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Pennies are useful in india they are still in circulation and i love to collect them

But why???

Yes, So very annoying in the pockets. hahaha

Go for operation to remove it.

They must have been worth something before, but with the inflation it's hard to find something to do with the tiniest coins.


Dime is more annoying

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In Hungary, we use Forint. 1 Forint and 2 Forint are out of circulation now. The smallest one is now 5 Forint. And guess it's worth... it's still a penny and it's pretty useless.

I like dollars over pennies

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They are just for kids to save them and grow rich :D

We dont need them anymore because we have coins now 😁😜

Lol steem price now is looking like pennies..


That's because you're not a poor person.. Give me a 5 gallon jug of pennies; and i will take the family on a vacation !

There have been talks about removing pennies from circulations for a while, even as high up as the nickel. Really the dumbest thing to keep using them, it has cost 1.5 cents to make a single penny for a few years now.


Why do we even need any of the fake coins? Its like costume jewelry worthless crap.


I don't know, seems to be stupid to lose 6.5 billion dollars a year producing pennies.

When I run out of money, I love every penny I find.

Tough times call for tough choices and pinching every penny.

  *John Hickenlooper*

I hate pennies too.

Gathering a good amount of money is an odyssey just by keeping them.

I agree. In practice, the purchasing power of the smallest coins is less than their nominal value. Almost no vending machines take them. They just as irritating as dust amounts of cryptocurrency on addresses, worth less then the smallest possible fee required to transfer them.

Penis: the most vulnerable striking point for a man. Every random cock puncher can exclude you from life in a few seconds, I hate it too.


Did you mixed up pennies with penis?

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and Pennies hate me.

I am agreed with your quote. Very nice and thoughtful post. Keep it up.

Nickels were worth 6.2 cents there for a while.

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