Antshares know the toy of china

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Antshares, a blockchain-based digital assets platform, is leveraging the power of distributed book-book technology to create a point-to-point platform that enables people to collaborate, create and share financial assets in a decentralized network.

Antshares Platform Overview and Features

Antshares bridges the gap between traditional and digital financial ecosystems, enabling the creation of digital assets and the conversion of real-world financial assets into virtual assets. People can register, deposit, transfer, negotiate and even settle the digital assets through the Antshares network.

Electronic contracts and fiduciary currency support

The activities on the Antshares network are recorded as electronic contracts (e-contracts) in the underlying distributed ledger. These contracts can be used to maintain a record of transactions and rights associated with digital assets, such as common stock, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills and currencies. Electronic contracts have to be signed and verified by the sender and recipient as well as in the real world to ensure compliance with current legal, regulatory and compliance frameworks. Unlike other blockchain-based financial asset platforms that use crypto-coins to conduct transactions and exchange values, Antshares allows people to use fiduciary currencies through their blockchain. The use of fiduciary currency leaves the platform stable, unchanged in the face of the volatility of digital currencies while in perfect sync with the conventional financial system.

Knots Work Division

The Antshares blockchain network is further optimized by the clear demarcation of tasks to avoid unnecessary exploitation of storage space and limb processing power. The bookkeeping nodes and the complete nodes are operated and maintained by service providers. They are responsible for storing and handling complete copies of the blockchain, while individual users can access the network and perform the necessary operations using a lightweight node or a browser interface.

Super efficient transactions

To reduce processing time and energy, bookkeeping and order selection are delegated to a second layer of the blockchain, rather than being a task of the central bookkeeping nodes. The use of multiple layers gives Antshares users greater control over transactions. During a transaction, the orders are selected by the second layer of the blockchain, which then sends them to the central accounting bookkeeping nodes for clearing and settlement. Users may decide to cancel a transaction by launching a double spend attack before the transaction is cleared by the bookkeeping nodes.

Antshares and AntCoin

Antshare is a digital asset that represents property on the Antshares platform. To simplify payment of fees and other transactions in platform operations, Antshares has another dedicated cryptotoken called AntCoin. The platform fixed the total number of Antshares and AntCoins in 100 million, with 1 Antshare the smallest unit of the asset.


Some of the possible Antshares applications include:

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Loan between pairs

Digital asset switching

Loyalty Programs

Supply Chain Financing

Some people believe that Antshares could replace Ethereum, but that only time will tell us, but one thing is certain china does not play.