Read the various articles in about the Russia-Ukraine war.

in #antiwarlast month


There are various authors with various points of view to express, of course. But it seems to me there's a distinct lack of focus on Russia simply being in the wrong.

There's an article about the western media whitewashing Ukraine's own faults (true - the first casualty of war and all, but nothing in there about Russia). There's an article repeating Russia's claims about its national security interests in Ukraine, which effectively justifies the invasion, or at least paints the west as responsible (and treats Ukraine as expendable). And there are articles criticizing NATO expansion, which is an arguable position, but comes across as a bigger concern than the Russian invasion itself.

What I haven't seen - and I'd love to stand corrected - is much criticism of Russia. has a strong anti-US foreign policy bias, and I have no problem with that. US War mongering isn't and shouldn't be exempt from their criticism. But if none of their writers can bring themselves to make a critique of Russia's invasion that's comparable in focus and sharpness to their critiques of US foreign policy, are they really anti-war or just anti-US war? And are they acting as de facto water carriers for Russia's invasion of a country that - whatever its flaws - was no threat to its neighbors?

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