Social Media and the Anti-social.

in antisocialists •  6 months ago

If steem is supposed to be the salvation of the world through social media and sound money, what about all the anti-social people?

Where do all the folks go that don't like the normies, that only want to get away from what passes for normal?

Those that shun ganging up to gain advantage over others?

Where do they go?

Are they just gonna be left behind like the folks too poor to take the technical mods?

Will the transhumans be free to make us obsolete based on their willingness to accept a master?

Smdh, if that is what happens, I hope I am not here to see it.

If you, like a chicken flock, exclude those that think different than you, you will end up like a chicken flock, all one flavor, and on somebody's dinner table.
Which, if you happen to like that flavor, is a good thing, but for everybody else it a bummer.

Maybe you don't see the cage around your free range area.
Maybe you don't understand that your world view has been intentionally shrunk.
Your work and home philosophy serves to compartmentalize you, to separate you from those that seek alternatives to the status quo.
There is more to life than just work and home.

Not all of us are cut out to be social, I know I don't care too much for it.
There is always somebody waiting in the wings to steal the spotlight.
They plot and connive, maybe collude with a couple others, you've seen how survivor plays out.

Is Steem going to vote off the differing opinions off the island?
The old guard would certainly like to see that happen.
They have been voting to keep dissent off the trending page from the very beginning.

Don't let them make Steem more of the same, dear reader.
Vote some newbs.

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The hope for steem is that multiple smaller communities can thrive on here in their own niche. But we are not there yet. We are still at phase one... Trying to separate real content from those trying to game the system.

The next phase will be interesting, specially with the updates planned on steem and the long awaited SMTs

Whether it's biological diversity or intellectual diversity. It is vital as it provides a hedge against the current view being wrong and having something else to fall back on

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Helluva good post, one of your best yet IMO.

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I am @fourchan
for we are many.
and my PK is my description
no go fourth and
break the chains bitches


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