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It feels like forever since I have written anything about my shop! We have been super busy at work, renovating two areas of the building, by applying purple velvet to the walls. (LOL - WHO DOES THAT?!) I definitely will take some photos to show you, Steem Fam.

Today I wanted to share with you this BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLISTIC chandelier. I'm sure you have seen most of the lights I share are really a bit over the top. Every now and then, the workshop team will surprise me by pushing out a light that they didn't apply any crystal too, they didn't add any glass drip cups, or anything fussy.


This is a perfect example of a stunning Empire period light. Note the elegant fleur de lis at the bottom and the elegant leaf detail on the arms and at the top of the light.

I think though, besides the effortless design, what really makes this light is it's colour. The brass has aged to the most sublime bronzey brown, and it is everything!

Most clients overlook it when it comes in, but I actually used this image in some off our social media this week, and I really hope it sells. It is truly stunning.

What do you think, Steem Fam?


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Certainly. Sometimes less is more, @princessmewmew. This is a very beautiful, collectible lamp. Its color and shape make it, more than a lighting element, a jewel for decoration. It may not have all the arms of a chandelier, or all the crystals of some empire lamps, but its sobriety, its line, makes it an elegant object. It's tasteful! Hugs


thank you very much, Nancy! Good to see your face on my blog x

@princessmewmew Hi princesa, you always have good taste, love


thanks very much. lots of love x

I just love it. It's a beautiful design with out all the foo foo,

That color is close to the color that stainless steel gets when it gets several heat cycles in it on a motorcycle exhaust. I really like that color, too.

It's a beautiful piece, I'm guessing it won't stay long in the shop.


thanks so much, com padre! I love the colour too. i love how you have a motorbike analogy or comparison for everything in life... THAT BIKE LIFE!

Seems like you have some really cool things there in the shop 😊. That chandelier is pretty


thanks so much! I must say I LOVED your post that won POTD yesterday! great work x

I have fairly simple tastes myself so I prefer this to the real ornate ones, the ornate ones are cool to see, but if I was ever to get a chandelier I would go for one like this simple functional but also beautiful


haha! It's such a JAY light! :D


LOL that is is like me Simple lOL

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It's sooo gorgeous. Exactly the way I like it. Exquisite but without too much 'fluff' <3