IS YOUR TEACHER A TERRORIST? If you are against police brutality you MUST be against Active Shooter Drills.

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For the purpose of this discussion let us put intentions aside and judge the results of the actions and agendas we are analyzing.

The contention of those of us doing this post-media analysis is that Active Shooter Drills are in fact instances of state terror and that the true purpose to a K-12 program of routine Active Shooter Drills is to purposefully induce emotional duress and to impress specific (and terrifying) ideas upon the minds of the children:

  1. Anyone, at anytime, for no reason at all could murder you and all the other students.

  2. The authorities will protect you, but ultimately we're all at the mercy of guns in private hands. The police aren't going to hurt you. They are here to protect you, even though they are pointing guns at you and herding you around like prisoners.

Thus, state terror, has become part of the curriculum. The drills are meant to induce emotional duress and they are meant to serve as an instrument of propagandizing the kids against gun ownership itself. The state doesn't need to grab anyone's guns if they just train an entire generation to voluntarily and vehemently refuse them.

Secondly, these drills induce a Stolkholm-Syndrome like dependence on the captors: the state who like to have their captive audience locked down in classrooms huddled under desks while police run up and down the halls jiggling doorknobs and firing blanks.

If you are against police brutality you MUST be against Active Shooter Drills.

If you oppose media sensationalized violence influencing the minds of the youth, then you should oppose media-sensationalized-violence becoming part of the curriculum. This point is especially important when you consider the fact that these events are nothing more than state-approved psycho-drama used for propaganda purposes, and specifically for the purpose brainwashing the youth.

(To be continued...this is an ongoing discussion)


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