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Hey Flat Earthers,

Guess what? Flat, oblate, round: it won't matter if you can't see through the G.A.M.E..

The media is the State Church.

Do you really think you can convince the State Church that their religion is false?

Wake up. Their power over you is an illusory and taken with your consent. You don't owe them an explanation to replace their explanation. Explanations are just interpretations and we know can't trust the ones we were given, nor the interpreters who have given us those false explanations.

Flat Earth isn't about geographical features. It's about control over your own mind. Do you share their vision? Or do you reject it? Your belief gives their interpretation power.

The dominant WORLD VIEW is a product of the Media Filtration of your perceptions.

We can move into a post-mediated world. No need for thier heavenly rewards for believers and hellish threats for non-believers. However, this will require a period of antagonistic Anti-media proclamations, directed Press Releases and Press Conferences to counter state propaganda as it happens.

Anti-Belief will be needed to negate all of the automatic belief of the heavily propagandized.

Remember: propaganda is a weapon. People under its effects are psychologically incapacitated and reality impaired to the degree to which they believe. The true believers in God's Wrath are truely terrified. True believers in the States's many Terrors, too, are truely terrified.

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