☝#AntiGravity Part 5: Spinning Wheels Balance UPSIDE DOWN! #Magic

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In #AntiGravity Part 5, I have uploaded another one of Eric Laithwaite’s absolutely magical experiments regarding spinning wheels and gyroscopes! And in this particular experiment, Eric Laithwaite does literally the impossible: Make a heavy spinning wheel balance while precessing UPSIDE DOWN! This simple experiment doesn’t just defy all of our conventional understanding of physics and gravity, but defies our very “understanding” of just what exactly is the universe! There is no adequate conventional “explanation” for why the spinning wheel does not topple over, and anyone stating the contrary doesn’t have the clue about “physics”… or is lying to you. In fact, I have experienced a LOT of disinfo trolls/AI bots that have popped up whenever the true properties of gyroscopes are brought up; and with even the number of trolls rivaling that of the coverup of irrefutable fact of #FreeEnergy technology demonstrated on 9/11. But just like with 9/11, ignore the trolls, ignore the mainstream establishment coverup, and trust what your eyes tell you and think for yourself! Also, get yourselves some gyroscopes and figure out how to get some useful energy out of it, ala Bruce DePalma’s N-Machine aka Magnetic Gyroscope is a good place to start ;)

This is but just one of the many amazing and truly magical experiments done by Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering, Eric Laithwaite, and done so on live national television in 1974 (for which he was severely attacked for by the pathetic “scientific” establishment). For the full lecture, watch here: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-3-eric-laithwaite-s-reality-defying-1974-lecture-on-gyroscopes-hiddenscience.

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 6…

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Have you souoght about the "Wheel Within A Wheel" as discussed on YOUTUBE regarding the prophet Ezekiel's vision?

This is exactly it I really think so my friend, the gyroscope and its application. Amazing!!!

Ahhh yes Ezekiel's wheel is something I definitely will be investigating further!! #StayTuned