☝#AntiGravity Part 1: Eric Laithwaite, Gyroscopes, & #HiddenScience + Saturn Symbolism (Notes 2 of 2)

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Part 1: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-1-eric-laithwaite-gyroscopes-and-hiddenscience-saturn-symbolism-notes-1-of-2

Part 2: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-1-eric-laithwaite-gyroscopes-and-hiddenscience-saturn-symbolism-notes-2-of-2

MES OCCULT SIDETRACK WARNING Please skip this section if you want to keep your sanity ;)

If you are brave enough, let's dive into the endless Rabbit Hole that is our very reality!

Speaking of Planets as Gyroscopes…. Saturn, it's Ring, and it's HEXAGAON appears anything but "natural"…


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/wLyst

INTERESTING STUFF! Let's get a closer look at its HEXAGON!!


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/GseC4

Amazing!!! There is LITERALLY a hexagon on Saturn's North Pole… hahaha #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp

Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Have an Affinity for Saturn as well…

Toyota, Internet Explorer, Nike, and MANY MANY MANY MORE!! Apologies if you start seeing Saturn symbolism everywhere ;) #HiddenInPlainSight

A Hexagon can form a cube or star!

Amazing! 2D to 3D!

Interesting!! A star can be made either inside or outside the hexagon! Although creating one inside creates a smaller rotated star and a smaller rotated hexagon. #WOW

MES Geometry Note: The Left 6-Pointed Star is called a Hexagram and can also be viewed as a combination of TWO TRIANGLES!! #NWOAllAboutThemTriangles

Even a thousand+ year and billion+ believers religion such as Islam has Saturn/Cube Symbolism…


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/KfXjp

This long exposure photograph shows Muslim pilgrims circumambulating the Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine, at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca.

Worshipers pray and WALK AROUND a Black Cube….. How did they know about Saturn's Hexagon/Cube and Ring so many years ago???!!! THIS IS NOT RANDOM!!!


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/S2sgW

HOLY! The sheer scale is mind-boggling!


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/hkoBf

What is the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam which involves men and women making a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Muslims are supposed to make the journey at least once in their lifetime.

The pillar is obligatory for both men and women as long as they are physically fit or financially able to do so.

Once in Mecca, Muslims perform the Tawaf, which is when they move counter-clockwise seven times around the Kaaba, a small shrine in the centre of the Grand Mosque.

The tradition dates back to the prophet Ibrahim - known as Abraham to Jews and Christians - who built Kaaba at Islam’s most sacred Mosque.

Even the Prayers and Prostrations are in a circular pattern around the Kaaba / Black Cube! #RingsOfSaturn


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/stQxj

We are definitely not being told what is really going on in the world…

MES Note: Why wouldn't the Islamic religious leaders speak out EVERYDAY about the obvious 9/11 PsyOp used to demonize Muslims and suppress game-changing #FreeEnergy??... Just like the Vatican and its Giant Snake Audience Hall, they are part of the coverup and the global control grid…

Even THE Royal Institution website has plenty of Hexagon/Cube Symbolism… HAHAHAH

………. LOOOL Believe me when I say it, you will see #SaturnSymbolism EVERYWHERE! And especially in the Cryptocurrency Market ;) #MESCryptoProTip


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/KJOUX

INTERESTING!!! Note the white bands above and below the blue bands; I had always thought the top and bottom ended with the blue bands. #LearnSomethingNewEveryday

IS EVERYTHING INTERCONNECTED WITH SATURN??? Even Israel and Saudi Arabia?? #Iwouldn'tBetAgainstIt ;)

MES Occult Note: 6 Pointed Star, 6 Mini Triangles, 6 Sided Hexagon… 666?? LOL #NothingIsRandom. Check out my periodically ongoing #Occult Video series at https://mes.fm/occult-playlist as it's about time I make a video on #SaturnSymbolism so STAY TUNED!!

You better believe I will be researching further ALL THINGS SATURN, but for now let's get back to Gyroscopic Science.

ACTUALLY, Let's take a SNEAK PEAK at some more NWO/Occult Symbolism and what my future #Occult Videos will be on… #StayTuned

IXXI, Freemasons, Cubes, Hexagons, Stars, Hexagrams, Roman Numerals, and September 11th 2001, DEFINITELY a lot of planning was taken place in preparation of 9/11.


Retrieved: 23 September 2017
Archive: https://archive.is/pBW2r

Recall from #911Truth Part 6 that the remains of the World Trade Center Twin Towers are now…. You guessed it #BlackCubes!

……….. 9/11 was definitely planned long before any of us really even realize…


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/LMvFt
PDF URL: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/266558/pdf
PDF Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20180131021934/https://muse.jhu.edu/article/266558/pdf

Translated via Google Translate:


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/xjJjo


Iconographic rings (Jesuit rings) were found during archaeological excavations in the territory that the French called Novelle France. It has been speculated that these rings date the sites, first using their motifs in a "drift" pattern. This model has not succeeded, and one must pay attention to other metallurgical attributes as well as the patterns.

MES Note: I believe the abstract was in French because it was added to the French Colonial History; i.e. the paper presented in the website is in English.

…. Jesuit rings and IXXI….

The "Kabbalah" or "Esoteric" Tree of Life and IXXI


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/9nHrM

I'm not going to cover the history and meaning beyond this widely used illustration, but I am going to rotate it 90 degrees!

INTERESTING!! What other IXXI symbolism can you find?? AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/Tss8g

Portae Lucis, Latin translation of Gikatilla's work Shaarei Ora - Gates of Light

This is a 1516 Latin translation of the Spanish Kabbalist Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla (1248 – after 1305).

Notice this Tree of Life is more narrowly pointed at the top.


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20180131042429/https://fineartamerica.com/products/1-sefirothic-tree-1516-science-source-greeting-card.html
MES Note: The Archive URL is the "Greeting Card" page since I couldn't archive this exact URL for some strange reason.

Sefirothic Tree, 1516

Diagram of the Sefirothic Tree, showing the Divine attributes, the Jewish mystical system enshrined in the Kabbalah. From Paulus Ricius' Portae Lucis, 1516. Each Attribute is under the care of an Angel. Copyright 1994.

Sefirothic Tree, 1516 is a photograph by Science Source which was uploaded on March 14th, 2013.

Here is a better color version, albeit with a small watermark at the bottom right.

Annnnd the account that is selling that photograph just so happens to have #SaturnSymbolism…. HAHAHAH

………… Saturn Symbolism IS EVERYWHERE!! This is a pretty good photo so I may need to get me a beach-sized Tree of Life photograph!

In fact the following researcher showed that the Washington DC's plan layout is a composite of both the above Tree of Life variations! #MindBlown


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/05AKz

UNBELIEVABLE! Recall from #PizzaGate Part 27 that the upside down pentagram points downwards directly at the Whitehouse. And notice that the bottom right of the giant Triangle that contains the Tree of Life points to the Capitol Building, which the building is itself enclosed by a giant Owl as I had shown in #PizzaGate Part 19… LOL

Owls, Pyramids, Architecture, and much more, the NWO are truly meticulous to the extreme!


Retrieved: 4 November 2017
Archive: https://archive.is/0oZuT

Recall that THE United Nations AND the Atomic BOMB were founded at the Bohemian Grove, a secluded wilderness where the world's richest and most powerful men meet in secret in San Francisco and burns a "mock" human efigy to a Giant Owl Statue… #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp

This is the definition of Patriarchy… Where are the protests??

Much of the Symbolism I have mentioned come from this AMAZING "Secrets in Plain Sight" Video!


Retrieved: 30 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/RTEn9

Notice the Cube, the Pentagram, the Pentagon, Triangles, Rectangles, the All-Seeing Eye, and a bunch of other carefully crafted symbolism! This video is an absolute MUST WATCH!!

Some of the BOMBSHELL symbolism from that video include:

THE Washington DC Monument is literally a giant phallic symbolism inside a giant vagina!

MES Note: My view is that the OVAL Office will ALWAYS contain a Man… i.e. a Woman will never be President. #FreeMasonicPatriarchy

Not only are the dimensions of the Washington Monument all 6's and 5's, but the very conversion between feet and inches is designed to be 555 feet = 6660 inches! #NotACoincidence #Unbelievable

The IXXI symbolism even comes up in Jerusalem, in which a 12x5 rectangle with two X's interconnect at the Rock of Calvary inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchere, the site of Jesus' Crucifixion, and the Jewish Rock of Foundation under the Dome of the Tablets; in other words the IXXI symbolism is apparent in the Holiest sites of Christianity and Judaism.

Ahhh the 6's and 5's make an appearance…

MES Note: This is the Royal Egyptian Cubit. Also note that there is some discussion as to the true original cubit length, but this figure appears is pretty common; I will have to research further.

(6/5)3 = 1.728… #WOW. And the 666, 555, Cubit, and Cubes all are intertwined almost TOO perfectly!

And now for what arguably may be the most telling symbolism of all… is the Biblical Name of God!

The "Tetragrammaton" (Greek for "4-Letter" [Word]) is the 4-Letter Name of God in the Hebrew Bible/Torah/Old Testament, ????? in Modern Hebrew or YHWH or YHVH in Latin/English and arguably pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah, although its true pronuncition is (at least publically) lost since the letters represent consonants and with no vowels.

In Hebrew, this is read Right to Left.

What happens when we stack the name from Right to Left?


Is this what the Bible meant when it stated that "Man is created in God's likeness/image"??… #MindBlownX1000000

And No Dive Into the Occult is Complete without THE Vatican's Very Own Pope Paul VI Audience Hall… #AllRoadsLeadToRome

Recall from my #Occult Video Series, https://mes.fm/occult-playlist, that the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall is literally a giant snake/serpent both inside and out!

…. Once you see it, you can't unsee it ;)

EVEN the map layout is such that THE Audience Hall is BITING the Vatican City, while the rest of the building is in Rome…. #YouLiterallyCantMakeThisStuffUp

This is the Fazzini Sculpture at mouth of THE Snake Hall depicting Jesus rising out of a nuclear apocalypse/crater, and was built during the "Cold War"…

….. And perhaps THE key to unlocking our very reality may be this mirrored/contrasted image of that very same Fazzini Sculpture. Perhaps the true meaning behind the sculpture has do not with "Nuclear War" but "Nuclear Genetic Manipulation"… #NotRulingAnythingOut

Alright I'm DONE!…. For today that is hahahah #IllBeBack

From Gyroscopes to Cubes, Saturn, 6's, 5's, NWO Architecture, Occult Symbolism, and then to God's Name only to finally come back to THE Pope Snake Hall, here at MES I go where ever the rabbit hole leads me… but now let's actually get back to Gyroscope Science before we all lose our sanity! But keep an eye out for my #Occult Video Series as I will definitely be researching further into how far the rabbit hole goes… #STAYTUNED

MES OCCULT SIDETRACK FINISHED Back to the amazing Gyroscope!!

Gyroscope Science is as Big as 9/11 (or even bigger)!

While the 11th of September 2001 witnessed the false flag murder of thousands of Americans in order to justify the genocide of millions in the Middle East, and continual enslavement of billions through #FreeEnergy suppression, the subject is a VERY "sensitive" topic and many quickly choose to close their ears to avoid being labeled a "Conspiracy Theorist"; a label heavily pushed in the 1960s by the CIA to ridicule people that can see through their bogus JFK assassination patsy narrative. Proving to people what happened on 9/11 is easy enough… so long as they are willing to listen and you are able to surpass the near impenetrable "Wall of Indifference" that many people have built for themselves, especially for such a sensitive event that happened 16+ years ago.

But with Gyroscopes, and more specifically Eric Laithwaite's AMAZING experiments of heavy spinning wheels LITERALLY defying gravity, or at least the mainstream "understanding" of gravity, there isn't the baggage of such a sensitive topic as in 9/11 to get people to listen. Simply perform the experiments yourself with a gyroscope or even fidget spinner! But once you grasp the behavior of gyroscopes, the possibilities are ENDLESS! Literally reactionless proportion, Antigravity Levitation, and Flying Saucer technology become not just possible but inevitable! But then the creeping thought of just how long have the misleaders of the world, the scientific elite that run this scientific global dictatorship, have known about #AntiGravity… But not just this but what other secrets of the universe, and just exactly what the universe is, are being actively suppressed from us. It's time to wake up people!

I bought All of Eric Laithwaite's books that I could find, and you should too!


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/FjVFe

If you can find any other books he has written, please let me know! I will look to make digital copies/photocopies of his books, or at least his most bombshell work!

I've Also Bought a TON of Gyroscopes, Fidget Spinners, and Anything Else Resembling a Gyroscope! Hahaha #TimeToBuildMeASpaceShip


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/yjF6S

This is one of the main gyroscopes that I ordered, but on Amazon because it was out of stock at this website! #CantWait


Retrieved: 29 January 2018
Archive: https://archive.is/DYb2k

Now THIS Brass Lecture/Scientific Gyroscope is definitely one that I would like to buy but right now I don't have a spare $750 USD to spend. If you would like to donate specifically so that I can buy this amazing gyroscope please do so at https://mes.fm/donate and message me via email [email protected] stating the donation is strictly to buy the gyro!! I would be so grateful and it would go a long way in my #AntiGravity research!! =D

"Mathiew Easy Solutions" and Eric "Laithwaite" aka "Lightweight"… #FITTING

If you haven't already, please make sure to watch my EPIC 10,000+ Subscribers Recap Video into the many circumstances in my lifetime that have pushed me to where I am right now: actively uncovering the hidden science of our hidden reality. And in that epic video, I explained how even my channel name of "Math Easy Solutions" was not meant to be solely about mathematics but rather has the hidden occult or esoteric meaning of "Mathiew Easy Solutions" to fit my own name, Mathiew. This may very well have been the subconscious reason for why Eric Laithwaite's very name resembles the very nature of his lifelong research: "Lightweight". This may be a bit of a stretch, but here at MES nothing is coincidence, and I'll take it as in fact part of some higher universal aligning of the stars!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this introduction to my new series on #AntiGravity, and I will be exploring the TRUE science beyond gyroscopes, as well as other #AntiGravity technology such as those used in John Hutchison's experiments and even observed on 9/11, so make sure to bookmark this sure-to-be EPIC journey! And once again, take mainstream "science" for a grain of salt, and start experimenting yourselves!! And let me know what you come up with!

Stay Tuned for #AntiGravity Part 2…

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Part 1: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-1-eric-laithwaite-gyroscopes-and-hiddenscience-saturn-symbolism-notes-1-of-2
Part 2: https://steemit.com/antigravity/@mes/antigravity-part-1-eric-laithwaite-gyroscopes-and-hiddenscience-saturn-symbolism-notes-2-of-2

Watch the Full Ongoing Series: https://mes.fm/antigravity-playlist

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have you thought of using the #steemSTEM tag for all your research?

Hmmm Great Idea!

Will look at the details, I'm staying tuned!

Made me think of this sound.

hahaha always a good choice staying tuned!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

So for anti gravity modules we cloud build one using two circular weight rotating on a horizontal axis (one in each sense in order to cancel the circular movement) in order to use the circular force to cancel the gravity force of the earth also called "vortex"??? Is that fucking simple in theory?

In practice it may be much more difficult to build but with electromagnetic field, making metals rotate should not be that much hard.

I wonder if we can obtain the same result with some kind of electromagnetic sorcery instead of kinetical energy such as presented in this video along with the practical case in the description (I've not checked myself the validity of that F&* witch craft engine)

hmmm INTERESTING! I think it might actually be that simple. The coverup is huge to hide what our true reality is, and I think the closer we get to the true the simpler everything will be... #STAYTUNED

yes good good.....

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