hunting orca in Cierva Cove

in antarctica •  21 days ago

I did in fact end 2018 on the best possible way on the Antarctic Peninsula. We had just finished a zodiac cruise in this stunning area called Cierva Cove and as we were loading the zodiacs onto the ship, two large male Type B orca appeared right beside the ship! Talk about stealthy, as no one noticed they were in the area until they came up right beside us. These two huge males made fast work surfacing and looking on top of all the ice floes in the cove in search of a resting seal to snack upon.

Unfortunately for us, there were no resting seals in the immediate area, which meant these two boys continued on their way and were well in the distance within minutes of passing our ship. I was lucky enough to get a good look at these guys and even snap a few photos of their hunting behaviour. Bring on 2019!

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wow the experience and the photo are fantastic envy you ;)


Thanks! it was one of a kind experience to have down here - doesn't happen very often at all!

Unfortunately for you... but fortunately for the seals! 😂😂 Great photo!

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hahaha! agreed but maybe next time it might happen