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Its kinda hard for me to choose... But I think I will choose the one with curly brown hair...

Chocolate flavor (don’t know her name). Sexy on the far right.

Second one

She have beautiful face and smile 😜😜😜😜

Would i be a monster if i answer none of them?
As the precursors of the Kardashians, i think that too much attention has been paid to them. I think that celebrities/socialites and what the media has made of them have short-circuited our brains.
Of course we have free will, etc. etc. but, have we ever used it wisely?
That being said, whatever her name is, the one on the far right, looks like a nice person :)

I would love to choose the middle one.

Don't ask me why but i always felt Ginger had it going on


oh yeah. Gingers do rule this is in fact truth.

I was madly in love with Geri Halliwell ~20 years ago, but I'd say that Mel B is my favorite nowadays. I like her in America's Got Talent, and she was fun as hell in Running Wild with Bear Grylls.


If I am not wrong she Peed on Bear's Hands right !


rumors say that he did it on purpose! we wanted that urine :P


Very cool episode! I like the spirit behind it: just move forward and support eachother wherever you can :)

Off course Victoria Beckham. Which one is yours?

Back in the day, I'd have to go with Posh Spice. In their current form, I'd go with Scary!

2nd one is attractive to me , wait wait 3rd one is also :P


Wooh that is Interesting!!


1st one in the left ;) That crispy one.

All of them are nice but i like Geri 😍

What's the one who said ''Tell me what you want, what you really really want'' ? eh....... yeap that one

middle one

I prefer the "other" spice girls

Victoria Beckham of couse

Blonde one.

Left side 2nd number girl very nice and cute. I like this girl.

the second girl with yhe black dress having fringes over her forhead

of course the second one from left

I am voting for Victoria Beckham!

It has to be Mel B for me.

Baby spice, she was very beautiful. however she is still charming.

The boob one.
the last one on the left 😉😍

I would definitely go for Beyonce!
Because she is the best looking and also has the most beautiful voice.

Every girl hot and sexcy

It's been ages since I've heard any of their songs. The one on the extreme left looks like Victoria Beckham. Going by looks, I'd say her.

Speaking of the Beckhams, I was highly amused when some Japanese old guys I met (go players at the European Go Congress), thought I looked like David Beckham. I'm tall like him, and at the time, I was somewhat in shape, but my face looks nothing like his. But to them, I was "Bekkam-san".

I suppose Northern Europeans can look pretty much the same if you are used to seeing only Japanese faces, and vice versa.

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first one blonde girl

The ferst one (on left)

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Why only one .... all of them is like a good old expensive glass of wine

Second one is the cutest one

Sporty :)

second one

Do you have any better content?


"Better content"? I'm sure you're not referring to my posts that get far more comments than anything on the trending page.


I'm just saying that I followed you because you posted different material than most of the other users here. It was god tier for a bit. Now you just post a question and reap the rewards. And theres nothing wrong with that especially from your perspective. It makes you money and thats what matters. But as a reader, its a bummer. I do enjoy your cannabis posts, and some of your stuff still gives me a chuckle. But now to me its just like browsing /r/askreddit. I mean I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it. But I bet you could still get a ton of upvotes if you even posted an actifit blog at the end if every day. You're the one that got me locked into steemit, and i thank you for that. I know my voice might not matter to you, but like you, I'm just trying to use steemit for what it is.

I dressed up as spicy spice for some elementary school thing once...i'd rather not go in to detail...

The third, the middle one...

Emma Bunton was always my favorite :D

the girl at the second right is my favorite one

Mel B for the win!

Victoria B. is absolutely gorgeous!

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namber 3 l like beuttyfull and nice Smile。

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I grew up in the eighties and nineties but somehow never got the gist of the band... glad it was an all girl bands and all... but not really my thing... I was listening instrumental epic soundtracks at the time and feeling very annoyed about mainstream music hahha XD guess I was always kind of a nerd... may have missed the fun though!

I like girls with much boobs, the first black girl from left.



LOL! She's not black, just super tanned. :D

From the picture...I'll take the one in the center off your hands for ya...

I see steemit is thriving

David Beckham Is the best!!!

I always loved Melanie C. Her solo career is what really positioned her at being #1 spice girl for me. Id day she's got to be in most peoples top #5 though ;) (hope some of you laughed at my lil joke xD )

There smile is awesome and somehow look great👍

Posh....because she is a proper snot

Mine is Victoria Beckham, she is the happiest

She IS Most Beautifull.

I loved them growing up!! Sporty for sure. But also Spice.
I mean who didn't jam to "If you wanna be my lover"- when you were a kid. Oh the memories, thank you!

NextGen Spice!

I can’t even remember the girl’s name, next to Posh. What was her Spice Girl name? That’s a good trivia question to ask.

I always liked Victoria, but she’s looking a little overproduced these days.

[EDIT] - It’s Sporty Spice. Duh.

4th from left..

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Sorry, @berniesanders, they are all hideous to me. This isn't even remotely close to gorgeous and barely counts as beauty. It looks like a pile of plastic to me.

I will choose the second one from the left. She looks the most natural :)

All are beautiful and I choose everyone bcz I love beauty 😍

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Far right! She will age the most gracefully!

Oh! they are looking sexy.

Good post please follow me

wow reunion !!

I didn’t listen to them but if I had to pick, I always liked scary spice! Mel B she was the rebel...the rowdy one – the bad girl. She was loud, bold, and a little crazy.. 👍🧟‍♀️❤️✨

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Hi bernie. Not a fan so the answer is none.

My favorite the middle girl!

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