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I'm just saying that I followed you because you posted different material than most of the other users here. It was god tier for a bit. Now you just post a question and reap the rewards. And theres nothing wrong with that especially from your perspective. It makes you money and thats what matters. But as a reader, its a bummer. I do enjoy your cannabis posts, and some of your stuff still gives me a chuckle. But now to me its just like browsing /r/askreddit. I mean I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it. But I bet you could still get a ton of upvotes if you even posted an actifit blog at the end if every day. You're the one that got me locked into steemit, and i thank you for that. I know my voice might not matter to you, but like you, I'm just trying to use steemit for what it is.