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Masternodes -All these are incentivized nodes that get benefits based on their accessibility and their ability to provide network services at a decentralized and trust-less method.  Running a masternode requires 10,000 TeleCoin security for so long as you opt to conduct the masternode and permits the proprietor to vote on funding and development suggestions.  These nodes will be the backbone of their future and present services provide on the TeleCoin system, and as they're rewarded at a marginally higher level compared to only staking as soon as the variety of these reaches a predetermined amount defined from the seesaw mechanism.


Bearing this in mind Telecoin was made to provide users independence and reasonable governance, whilst providing a secure and personal medium of trade.

Like the world delves farther into the electronic virtual reality, taking much tele to take care of and that's private into this area.  Technologies and protocols have to be designed to safeguard the integrity and privacy of information.

Obfuscation is a means to create coins more difficult to follow through MasterNode mixing of TELE.  Should you ship from A speech to B address, then you can stick to the tx.  When you trigger obfuscation you inform a MN that you would like to produce a type of pool involving other users appearing to obfuscate their coins: which generates a number of output addresses and you can't know whether A tx goes into B or D or C.  It's possible to trigger obfuscation but it's crucial for a few MN to have triggered obfuscation, and a few pockets also.

TeleCoin utilizes a decentralized blockchain voting platform to establish consensus for future improvements and upgrades of this TeleCoin Masternode.  The voting process is center to the decentralized government of the community and plays a very important role in enforcing developments and changes from the community through direct involvement.

With the majority of networks supplying a 50/50 split from the benefits that a Masternode would supply, Telecoin problems a 60/40 spilt giving the best yield into the host of the node.  tele believed this a much better way to demonstrate their intentions to people who behave as columns inside the community and community.

Having a community that supports master node capacities, Telecoin comprehends that for people who encourage and help to fortify the community, a reasonable reward system ought to be implemented to return to the jobs community.

The dangers in an electronic society stem from the inordinate number of private data connected to the conventional, centralized, third party verification cycle many trades now, subscribe to.

The purpose is to produce a community based on just and trust-less interactions, whilst rewarding individuals who help to preserve, develop and contribute to the future growth and expansion of infrastructure.

Telecoin has been created to enhance the safety and privacy of transports and trades in a fast paced world with higher digital dangers.  Whilst giving energy- into the entire world.

Instant Transactions: SwiftX trades are verified and spendable in minutes, ensured by the community of masternodes, without the need to watch for numerous confirmations to be confident in the validity of this trade.

IEO specs

Token name: TeleCoin X
Ticker: TELEX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: Erc777
Fixed Supply Total: 15.5m 


Members of the IEO will obtain an equivalent quantity of TELE (after the mainnet was deployed) to this, they buy of TELEX throughout the IEO.  Pre sale purchases will even be issued with an amount of TELE  

 More about TELE please click the following link:

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